On this website, one can read a host of articles about the status of the music industry in the current scenario. It is clearly demarcated that the way people listen to music is drastically different from a couple of decades ago. One of the major reasons for such an occurrence is the emergence of the new media technologies. Throughout the course of this website, you can read about the trends in the music industry in the ongoing era.

At times, we all wonder what would the music industry be like if we didn’t lose some of the gems of the music industry as early as we did? In the beginning of the website, there is an ode to the artists whom we lost a little too soon.

On another note, when it comes to the music industry, some of the corporate giants are totally serving as a game changer, and Youtube is one such outlet. Read on to find out the nuances of Youtube in the world of music and its advantages and disadvantages. Myths are an integral part of human existence and the music industry perpetuates numerous amounts of rumours, having an insight into them is rather amusing.

Women in the music industry, like all industries, are fighting for recognition because of the rampant sexism incidences. On this website, you can read about the struggles of the female musician.

Music is one of the finest forms of art, and it is difficult to imagine the world without music. Therefore, it is crucial to respect musical talent and give them the recognition they deserve. The website also throws light on copyright and piracy issues faced worldwide.