• Trust your Talent and Art

    Trust your Talent and Art

    A lot of musicians with musical talents are discouraged by the immense amount of competition and resurgence of never ending artists. Anyway, it needs to be understood that art is complicated in its existence and […]

  • Women in the Music Industry

    Women in the Music Industry

    It isn’t hidden that music industry is dominated by men in every domain. Yes, there are women singers, but when it comes to composing, curating, and producing, the music industry is a man’s world. According […]

  • Copyright, Piracy, and Artists

    Copyright, Piracy, and Artists

    A life of an artist is rather a struggling one and across the world artist struggle for their work to be recognised and appreciated. In the current situation, artists face several problems and of which, […]

  • Music and the Human Brain

    Music and the Human Brain

    The relationship between music and the human brain can easily compare to that of a mother and child. The profound comparison is made because, in the company of music, a human being feels safe and […]

  • Youtube and Music Industry

    Youtube and Music Industry

    In the current scenario, the relationship between youtube and the music industry is that of cat and a rat, wherein youtube is the rat being constantly chased by several cats (musicians). As we all know, […]

  • Digital Streaming & Music Industry

    Digital Streaming & Music Industry

    In the last decade, the face of the music industry has had the biggest makeover ever. There has been a drastic shift in the way music is produced and reproduced. Let’s understand the changes step […]

  • Music Artists who left us too soon!

    Music Artists who left us too soon!

    The music industry has witnessed the death of legendary artists at terribly young ages. It goes without saying that if these artists were still around, the world would have been a slightly different place. It’s […]