Copyright, Piracy, and ArtistsA life of an artist is rather a struggling one and across the world artist struggle for their work to be recognised and appreciated. In the current situation, artists face several problems and of which, the major one is the problem of copyright infringement.

Around the world, copyright is a specific kind of right granted to artists under which they can exercise control over the commercial exploitation of they work. However, the problem of piracy, which existed before digitalisation, is a real struggle for musicians.

Piracy exists when a copy of an artistic work is made for commercial exploitation without getting the legal permission from the copyright holders. The pirated copies are out in the market for a much less price compared to the original price, thus directly contributing to the loss of artists.

The fight against piracy and copyright infringements is a long going one, more prominent in some countries, less in others. According to the Berne Convention, each artist is automatically granted copyrights for the lifetime and up to 50 to 70 years after death. Across the world, the music and art fraternity are trying to increase the awareness of the copyright laws.

For example, using music, photograph, or any piece of art reflecting acquired distinctiveness; without getting the necessary legal permission is considered illegal and defamatory. The artists can file a lawsuit and reclaim their damages.

At times, copyright infringements happen within the industries too, wherein one artist knowingly or unknowingly happens to copy the art for commercial purposes. If found guilty, the artist whose work was published in the public spectrum first can claim damages from the artist whose work was published later on.

Lastly, one needs to understand that a lot goes behind creating a piece of music, photograph, or content. Just by simply copying it and calling it you own is morally wrong, and thus the legal consequences are well deserved.