Music and the Human BrainThe relationship between music and the human brain can easily compare to that of a mother and child. The profound comparison is made because, in the company of music, a human being feels safe and nourished.

Over the years, several scientists have proven the amazing effects of music on the human brain. In some of the cases, it was also proven that music is essential for humankind to survive in general because of the waves that it produces in the human mind.

It isn’t a surprise that in several cultures around the world, music is an inherent part of the way of life. The fact that music differs from region to region, country to country and continent to continent is rather astonishing yet beautiful. Music is capable of producing intense emotions and variations in the human brain, which is why several people feel inspired and motivated after listening to certain songs.

In some cases, music is also therapeutic wherein people feel relaxed after listening to chilled out, ambient, and soulful music. In fact, there is a genre of music for each and every emotion experienced by mankind.

The single most overwhelming fact about music is that it is not just confined to human beings, but it branches out to other species too.

Birds have their own music and several birds are specifically known for their singing qualities. Fish enjoy the music of the ocean, and rivers.

As far as mammals are concerned, it is quite a spectacular sight to watch a dog or a cat thoroughly enjoying the music enjoyed by human beings.

Several types of research prove that humming to a growing child is good for the development of their brain. It is also proven that singing is wired in the human brain and often induces a certain state of mind.