Women in the Music IndustryIt isn’t hidden that music industry is dominated by men in every domain. Yes, there are women singers, but when it comes to composing, curating, and producing, the music industry is a man’s world.

According to certain statistics, most of the music and songwriters are men and across the world music festivals are dominated by the male artists. One cannot stop but wonder — why such a level of discrepancy?

First, the fact of the matter is that majority of the industries are dominated by men leaving a very little for women to flourish. Secondly, there are several prejudices and biases embedded in the society at role play in propagating inequality between men and women.

A very tiny fraction of the population of the world believes that a woman is as good as a man in every sphere of life and the music business is no exception. Most of the composers are men simply because most of the record labels and production companies are owned by men. It is a chain of prejudice and bias that needs to be broken and it can be only broken if more and more women are empowered to take up the tasks that are exclusively performed by men due to their long withheld male privilege.

Apart from singing, women should also be empowered and encouraged to take up production, composition, and business aspect of music. More and more women should come with their record levels, and sign up for music festivals. In the case of discrimination, they should not be afraid of raising their voices. History begins when people collide with the objective of bringing about changes.

Lastly, it is not just the responsibility of the women, but also of men to give women the equal treatment that they deserve. In diversity, lies strength of the unity.