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The ” SIKOSTART 3RW22 application manual” presents the various applica- the document entitled SIKOSTART 3RW22/3RW34 – Electronic Soft Starters. Legal information. Warning notice system. This manual contains notices you have to observe in order to ensure your personal safety, as well as to prevent. Always de-energize and ground the equipment before maintenance. Read and understand this manual before installing, operating, or maintaining equipment.

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IEC Motor Control go. Advantages at a glance Transmission of current values Energy management: Control Panel Design go. Entering the motor and load data will simulate the application and prompt suggestions for suitable soft starters.

Siemens Soft Starter – Automation Technology US – Siemens

Process Control Systems go. They avoid undesirable side effects such as mechanical bumps in the machine and mechanics or voltage drops in the main supply. It is also possible to switch straight from direct to soft start because SIRIUS 3RW30 is the only soft starter in the world that offers identical mqnual in a family of devices. With manua new Simulation Tool for Soft Starters STS we are providing a convenient way of designing soft starters using a 3rw334, quick and easy-to-use interface.

With its innovative torque control system, it can be used for drives with a power output up to kW at V — respectively hp at V — in an inline circuit or up to kW at V — respectively hp at V — in an inside-delta circuit. Human Machine Interface go.


Siemens Industrial Controls – Soft Starter

Starting and Protecting go. Process Instrumentation and Analytics go. Designed for simple handling, the functions are exceptionally easy to use.

Control Circuit Components go. Solid State Switching Devices go.

Skip directly to content. They represent the compact and price-attractive alternative to start-delta starters. Belt slip on heater blowers or a sudden buildup of water pressure in washing installations are only two of the many problems that can occur when motors generate too much power on starting. Media redundancy through MRP- Thanks to the redundant design, plant and machine availability are considerably enhanced. Turn on more accessible mode. Miniature Circuit Breakers go. Solid State Control go.

Less heat in the cabinet: Advantages at a glance Quick, easy and user-friendly interface Complete and up-to-date Siemens motor database, including IE3 motors Update capable for new soft starters, motors or functions Quick simulation with only a few basic inputs Immediate display of starting curves and diagrams with limit values Table view of possible soft starters for the given application Text Enlarge.

The soft start in control cabinets can be implemented in almost any application in a simple and practical way with our complete soft starter range.


All sizes equipped with a bypass contactor, resulting in lower power loss than conventional soft starters.

Manuual to its innovative control method, it is not just the only 2-phase-controlled soft starter in the world for use in the power range up to kW at V — respectively hp at V — because of its especially compact design, it ensures a space-saving, clear layout in the control cabinet. The new 3RW40 soft starters in the lower power range from 5. Control Products Technical Information go. This is because the failure of individual devices no longer influences communication.

Turn off more accessible mode. Tools Siemens Industry, Inc.

Motor Control Centers go. Search Search term s Search. And the best of it all is: Advantages at a Glance Soft start and soft stop Smooth starting, without steps Reduced current peaks Avoidance of line voltage fluctuations during start-up Reduced load on the power supply system Reduced mechanical load in the drive Considerable space savings and reduced wiring compared to other starters Maintenance-free switching Ease of handling Perfectly matched with SIRIUS devices for the control cabinet.