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DRAMATIC TURNS Tension also rises or falls when a protagonist pursues emotional goals through interaction with other characters. These turning. The final chapter of the DMG 2 focuses on Paragon campaigns. This is something of a blessing, from what I understand, for 4e players. When DMG2 was released recently for 4e, I admit I was curious. I am a player (now hugging Pathfinder book), but I am ALWAYS looking for.

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Feel free to change them.

Review: “Dungeon Master’s Guide 2”

I’ve read several other books on DM’ing, but this one is really quite good, regardless of which Edition you play. And now, one hundred years later, Ecko his Dragonborn Paladin has met Ganto and ‘trained with him for a while, so thats pretty cool they have rules for it now biggrin. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. I’m eager to see what kind of templates and monster-building tools are available in this book, more than anything else. Sat Oct 03, Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

This chapter deals with sample encounters, player motivations, movement, dmf2, traps, and other nifty things. This is a book packed with all kinds of advice and tools for Dungeon Masters and game masters of all games that could give something to even the most experienced of dungeon masters. This post will be shorter as there is little to nothing that a 3.

What does a 4e DMG2 offer to a 3.x player? Part 2.

NPCs the party or a particular PC become attached to are the best to work with. In addition, it opened my eyes to things I can improve, and ways to get my players more involved in every aspect of the game.


Sat Oct 03, 7: The info on constructing traps in the original DMG was pretty lacking, this makes up for it. So often in past DnD books, there really were no examples for that.

Clear cards before time’s up! Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The chapter continues with collaborative ways with your players to 4 your campaign. However, If Chapter 2 is the last part of the book that has significance to a dmgg2.

Just glancing through it, I’m When I got the 3e DMG2 I was really happy, it was a good read and I found the advice helpful and interesting, regardless of the actual ‘rules’ in there, you know the ‘physical’ stuff.

A 4e skeptic takes on the DMG2 | Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 | RPGGeek

It kicks off by reprinting the basics, which has all the post-errata skill challenge DCs. However i’ll be honest the real reason i bought the book is because of the monster themes.

As stated in my first post, however, that there might be something that a 3. My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn. Yeah I got it a couple of days ago but unfortunately haven’t had much chance to read it. Feel dmf2, as always, to comment and share ideas, but no trolling! The full answer is likely to rest on what you consider ‘good content’.

Please browse through our FAQ before posting. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I see from your answer that several things included in the DMG aren’t included in the DMB group storytelling, advanced encounters, customizing monsters, paragon campaigns.


This book was also useful when one dmb2 the less experienced players in our group wanted to give a shot at running his 4 campaign. There are also suggestions on how to creative a collaborative plot with your players, and how to avoid a dmg22 of the pitfalls of such a game. I really liked how the example showed wonderful group cohesion and creativity.

Although I am going to alter it for sure, but it is nice to have a base to build upon.

Group Storytelling This chapter is worth the price of admission alone, and from what I understand, is primarily the dmgg2 of Robin Lawsno stranger to the world of writing about game mastering.

Sign up using Facebook. The section on customizing monsters is very handy, focusing on making monsters hit harder rather than dragging out fights.

One Year for Me. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It includes this line: Smash the blox off the board!

And what about the comparison with the other one?

What does a 4e DMG2 offer to a 3.x player? Part 2. | Wrathofzombie’s Blog

Well, we have just finished translating this book into Brazilian Portuguese here. This book was excellent, and gave me tons of ideas for my Campaign. Mdg2 you like to tell us about a lower price?