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Story IN BRIEF On May 30,, Odumegwu Ojukwugare a memorable speech insisting that the spirit of the aggreement reached by the. (i) A military committee comprising representatives of the regions should meet to take statistics of arms and ammunition in the country. That takes one back to the Aburi Accord in which Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu presented himself well on behalf of the suffering Biafran children who were.

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Government agency says letter advising furloughed employees to perform chores for landlords in lieu of paying rent was posted by accident Published Today at 5: Adedoyin Tella Adedoyin is mostly a farmer in the day who also dabbles into technology at night, in search of other cutting edge intersections. Lastly, the draft Decree proceeds to restore sections 70, 71 and 86 of the old Constitution, which had been suspended, without also restoring the safeguards provided in that Constitution.

He had previously admitted that implementing the agreed Aburi Accord would whittle down his powers as head of state, as all the regions would have to agree before any major decision was effected. Ejiofor Chimaobi Chukwueke August 28, at 8: Gowon to adhere to the decisions unanimously reached at Aburi is only the latest evidence of his bad faith, inconsistency and lack of realism.

Some decrees also vested absolute power in the federal government, a condition that Ojukwu and many of the regional governors wanted to be reversed.

The pogrom was soon extended to Eastern Nigerian civilians resident in Northern Nigeria, Lagos and the West; and by September,the killings and molestations carried out by the combined forces of Northern Nigerian soldiers and civilians had assumed such large proportions that Easterners everywhere outside the East sought protection within their home Region.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. A whole lot of points make Biafra: They were also fraught with tragic consequences for the country. In his opening address to the Ad Hoc Constitutional Conference, he had himself instructed the delegates to choose one of the following alternatives in formulating a new Constitution for Nigeria:. With hardly any parallel for one to draw between the two books, one wonders if the same man authored both books. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Among others, it was resolved that legislative and executive authority of the Federal Military Government was to remain in the Supreme Military Accogd SMCto which any decision affecting the whole country shall be referred for determination provided it is possible for aburk meeting to be held, and accodr matter requiring determination must be referred to military governors for their comment and concurrence. Again, instead of emphasizing that the Supreme Military Council, in recognition of the fact that no single government in the Federation has its writ running throughout the country, has introduced the element of Regional consent into the process of reaching acdord decisions, Lt.


Pending the completion of the work of the Committee, it was agreed by the Council that further recruitment of soldiers throughout the country should cease. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: All ground was set for the faux accord to break down even before it took effect.

Nonetheless, it is not our intention to be slaughtered in our beds, We are ready to defend our homeland. Anuri feeling of acute, social, political and economic alienation makes them one of the most aggrieved segment of the polity, to the extent that any dialogue or discussion about the restructuring of the Nigerian state on the basis of equity, fair play and social justice without them is bound to fail.

In strict compliance with this advice, however, Lt. His exact words were. It should be noted that after the coup, the North also considered secession.

Aburi Accord How a meeting in Ghana changed Nigeria forever – Pulse Nigeria

A few days after Aburi some Permanent Secretaries in Lagos met to criticize the decisions reached by the Supreme Military Council, the highest authority in the land. During the period of the military goverment, Military Governors should have control over Area Commands, for internal security.

Notify me of new comments via email. There is also abburi difference between the present book and the earlier book.

The Council agreed that the Conference should resume sitting as soon as practicable to continue from where it left off, and that the question of implementing the unanimous recommendations of the Conference in September, should be considered at a later meeting of the Supreme Military Council.

Ironically, Mohammed who took his Igbo blood stained hands to his grave, was canonized by his sluggish crony and murderous Igbo-hater, Obasanjo, who succeeded him and worked hard to maintain the pace of anti-Igbo bigotry and hatred.

Even though the accords were simple agreements with no legal founding that were never implemented, that meeting in a small Ghanaian town changed Nigeria forever. I am also pained by the apologists that minimizes the injustice done by the Hausa-Fulanis and their Yoruba collaborators to Igbos in history, or seek to relegate it to oblivion. No peaceful solution and dialogue of a sovereign national conference has any chance unless every child in the country and Diaspora, every adult, every analyst in every news media and political forums knows and concurs that Aburi had no parallel on the way out for the country.


He failed to inform the world that the decisions taken at Aburi, the federal government meant no more than the Supreme Military Council. It can never be justified. The Political Violence in Ondo. With respect to matters on the Concurrent Legislative List, it is their view that the Regions can legislate in relation to Federal Law.

The coup and the July counter-coup unearthed this bag of aggressive, power-hungry worms, so much that for the first time sincethe unity of Nigeria became subject to public debate and the power plays of the uniformed men who now held power. It seeks to return Nigeria to the constitutional position before 17 January,while in fact the decisions of the Supreme Military Council were on specific issues and were not limited by dates. In addition, contrary to the Aburi accord, the draft Decree vests executive and legislative powers either in the Federal Military Government or in the Federal Executive Council.

The Aburi document was not designed for Mohammed and his mutineers to carry out a genocidal campaign against Biafra in order to keep Nigeria one. That the book is out of print so soon is a sad commentary on our current literary and historical situation. Had his motive been altruistic, he would have been honourable enough to publicly announce, upon his return to Lagos, what he agreed with Ojukwu in Aburi, Ghana. It is, however, well known today that the much-touted meeting did not achieve its results.

Throw Back Thursday: The Accord in Aburi That Didn’t Stand

Subsequently, on 24 May,he promulgated the Decree No. Yes, bury him like a true hero. Adedoyin is mostly a farmer in the day who also dabbles into technology at night, in search of other cutting edge intersections. The first demonstration of bad faith on the acdord of Lt.

On one occasion, cannon bullets have whistled into our study; shattering window-panes and missing us by inches.

How Nnamdi Kanu used propaganda to become the new face of Biafra. August 28, News 1, Views. And for the vandals, if they had respected and upheld the decisions at Aburi, their cause of commitment to destroy the Igbo Nation and Biafra would not havematerialized.