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AD Datasheet PDF Download – Transistor, AD data sheet. Tube AD or Röhre AD ID, Transistor, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in general and Power/Output shown. Radio tubes are valves. AD Datasheet, AD PDF, AD Data sheet, AD manual, AD pdf, AD, datenblatt, Electronics AD, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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On the horizontal axis the forward and reverse-biased base regions are clearly grouped, with the base open-circuit condition dividing the two regions.

A further decrease of the collector -emitter voltage results in a rapid increase of the distortion dataheet the signal.

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Full data for these types are available on request. The definitions of the three systems accepted by the International Electro- technical Commission are as follows: The maximum total dissipation, P, max. This curve is then converted into a series of equivalent squarewave pulses having the same peak power values as the actual pulses.

Under these circumstances, the leads should be retinned using a suitable activated flux. Thus, the transistor will not fail through second break- down even when the amplifier is continuously overdriven.

TO construction with shield connected to envelope. The group of figures indicates the typical operating voltage Vz for each type at the nominal operating current l z rating of the range. Printed circuit board with collector mounting pad area 1. When using a soldering iron, transistors may be soldered directly into the circuit, but heat conducted to the junction should if possible be kept to a minimum by the use of a thermal shunt.


All dimensions in mm Collector connected to envelope Accessories available: These recommendations apply to a transistor mounted flush on a board having punched -through holes, or spaced at least 1.

Example 2B Milliard G. The BC is suitable for low voltage applications e.

The supply voltage shall be indicated by repeating the terminal subscript. Encapsulated dstasheet TO plastic envelope. Viewed from underside Connections 1. N-P-N Silicon planar types cont. If the application con- dition is always within the selected SOAR curve it is acceptable.

The 30D and 40D are shown in outline in Fig. If devices are stored above C before incorporation into equipment, some deterioration of the external surface is likely to occur which may make soldering into the circuit difficult.

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Q ? Emitter to base voltage ratings V E b max The maximum permissible instantaneous reverse voltage between emitter and base terminal.

Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values of operating and environ- mental conditions applicable to datashee device of a specified type as defined by the published data, and should not be exceeded under the worst probable conditions.

A general expression from which the total permissible steady state power dissipation can be calculated is: For applications using non -square ad1622 pulses, reference should be made to theGeneral Explanatory Notes on SOAR where conversion to equivalent square -wave pulses is explained. The above method is not absolutely accurate, but the approximation errors in- volved are allowed for in the published data tolerances.


The transistor will enter second breakdown at a certain critical current value V CB0 Collector-emitter voltage Fig.

AD162 Datasheet

Primarily intended for use as a matched pair 2 -AC or together with the AC as a da162 pair in complementary class B output stages with output power up to 3W. The equipment manufacturer should design so that initially and throughout life no design-maximum value for the intended service is exceeded with a bogey device under the worst probable operating cdnditions with respect to variations in supply voltage, environment, equipment components, equipment control adjustment, load, signal or characteristics of the device under consideration and of all other devices in the equipment.

In all three cases the pulse conditions are acceptable since not even the d.

The maximum permissible continuous value. Intended for general purpose applications in 1. The circuit configuration is shown in Fig.

A simultaneous display of the Vce and Ic waveforms is then obtained by connecting the probes of a dual- trace oscilloscope in the manner shown in Fig. O is the reference point for V. With reverse bias on the base, second breakdown is always preceded by first- breakdown.