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Non AD&D Fantasy Sites First Edition Sites Forgotten Realms Sites Greyhawk Sites Miscelaneous Sites MUDS Mystara Sites Netbook Sites. Wizards of the Coast: AD&D 1 ( Hardcover). AD&D First Edition Players Handbook TSR: AD&D 1 ( Hardcover) Games Workshop, UK: AD&D 1 ( ). Index · RPG Index · (A)D&D. Classes & Kits. Contact me! &. This page last modified 01/20/ by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk. Templars, From Dark Sun .

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Harbinger set 17 Giant bloodworms are, according to the Fiend Foliohuge 20′ long worms that adbd in underground pools. White Dwarf reviewer Jamie Thomson commented on Lolth, as a giant spider-creature “which often appears on fantasy literature”. While not described as particularly aggressive, when attacking they attach themselves to their victim and drain their blood in a leech -like manner. For all of the classes, the XP chart for leveling varied.

Small creatures of magical talent and mischievous nature that dwell in fair, green lands with lush hills and dales.

A Tale of Two Handbooks – AD&D and D&D – GeekDad

Greyhawk set phase spiderBlackmoor set water spider. Most of my opinion is based on the playtest material and the newly released basic rules though. Thanks for such an in-depth and well-written review!


Almost all feats offer 3 or more benefits — Alert: Angelfire set 39 But not adnv humans. Created with the use of powerful and arcane magic, formerly ultra powerful magic-users now non-human and non-living.

As a long time fan I too started off in the earlier editions and have always harbored a healthy degree of nostalgia for those earlier days.

Evil subterranean creature that considers humanity as cattle to feed upon, draws forth brains with its tentacles.

Monstrous Index (Monstrous Manual)

They often help around houses, but can cause mischief when upset. Their wings are described as being more along the lines of pterodactyls or bats than those found on birds or angels insex, and they are depicted as possessing two pairs of hands—one pair as part of their wings, while the other pair are hidden behind the talons on their feet.

This literature-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Of course, I could be completely wrong. The Fiend Folio describes Astral Searchers as creatures that come into existence as a result of certain intense or traumatic events.

The quaggoth is a primitive monstrous humanoid that lives underground, and is frequently enslaved by other more advanced races.

A dakon is depicted as being light brown in color, with green eyes and black hands. Title Posted Happy 20th! Subscribe to Site Pages. This was fun to read. The monsters in this book are presented in the same format as the Monster Xdnd and Fiend Folio. Described are the giant frogkiller frog, and poisonous frog.


A Tale of Two Handbooks — 1978 AD&D and 2014 D&D

Giants of Legend set 34 Assassin bugs are described as four-legged insects that reproduce by implanting eggs into living human hosts. The Ecology of the Chimera. I know the five pips are incomplete maybe they are supposed to be obscured by the shaded scrub at the bottombut I just have to believe that the artist the late D. Bullywugs are described as humanoids with the head of frogs. Prehistoric ancestor of the rhinocerosa jndex herbivore.

The Six Signs Ravenloft: They were mostly reprints from the Monster Manualbut afnd monsters in each set were original, and were reprinted in the Monster Manual II the next year.

Dakons are described as shaggy, intelligent apes with a reasonable grasp of language, that live in jungle settings. An ant lion is a huge insect that preys on other giant insects.