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The AKG CB is a professional condenser shotgun microphone whose capsule combines high directivity and wide frequency range. It is a perfect tool for . The C B Professional Small Condenser Shotgun Microphone from AKG is a short shotgun microphone designed for camera mounting and handheld. Hi guys, I just got a sweet deal on a couple of AKG CB shotgun microphones for my soon-to-be-mine DVX. I’ve read some pretty good.

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Results 1 to 10 of BTW – I’m going to be making my own boom-pole and I’ll make sure to post pictures when it’s done: Eliminates Off-Axis Noise The C B shotgun microphone eliminates off-axis signal while placing emphasis on the direct incoming signal.

A little fussy in setting levels under extremely high SPL conditions. Rated 5 out of 5 by Your Free Lunch from Ak on camera mic Crappy sound makes for a crappy movie, no matter how pretty the pictures.

The short design allows the C B to be mounted on a camera without obstructing the image. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. No Longer Available Update Location close.

AKG Acoustics C B |

It is precisely that coloration that you are trying to avoid by using a hyper instead of a shotgun. Wide Frequency Response The 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response allows the microphone to be used in a variety of applications.


I’ve read some pretty good reviews on them on various sites, but I was wondering if any of you guys have tried them on shoots with the DVX?

One that Schoeps use to poke fun at until recently for some darn reason. Camera Mountable The short, compact design allows the C B to be mounted on a camera without obstructing the camera’s view.

AKG C568B Professional small condenser shotgun microphone

AKG C B specs. Family Fest ScriptFest X: The microphone yields a hypercardioid polar pattern below Hz. Most shotguns have more of a hyper pattern at the low end. Originally Posted by Oleg 2.

Be sure to use the low cut filter if hand holding your camera or else you will be doing post-production noise reduction. AKG C B accessories.

Power Mac Dual 2. See any errors on this page? I haven’t actually used it yet Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I use a Sennheiser blimp, with a K-tek shock mount and K-Tek pistol grip. Rated 5 out of 5 by Steve Kingsley from I’ve had 2 of these since I’ve used these mics to record anything from loud rock concerts to quiet trickling streams and they have never let me down. It means that indoors the reverb will sound colored and ugly. You could hear the bass of the cello but barely the waterfall.


The condenser element requires 9 to 52V phantom power and features a wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It is very directional, very sensitive but with a wonderful low end that surprises me each time I use it. This mic is touted as a hypercardiod and a shotgun.

AKG C B Professional Small Condenser Shotgun Z B&H

AKG C B overview. Excellent for recording voices clearly amidst the clatter of a large party especially shout-out during live music.

The manufacturer states “Below Hz it functions as a hypercardioid microphone; above Hz, the acoustic interference tube increases its directivity for extremely accurate pickup of distant sound.

Designed for quality boom recording apps, the C will unfortunately catch every hand movement noise on camera. Long live the C568g Mac. A low-cut filter switch eliminates hum and noise at Hz. It’s an unfortunate flaw in the fundamental design of interference tube mics.