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About this manual. This manual describes the operation of the ÄKTA™FPLC™ system. System description, system maintenance and trouble-shooting are also. filter. Sample pump. Buffer select valve (V6). Injection valve (V1). Reverse . Manual. Flowpath. B1 or B2. BufferValveB. Pump A. Pump B. Common inlet. A2. A1. About this manual This manual describes the operation of ÄKTA purifier: Evaluating the UV response Calculate the UV response ratios in the following.

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Refer to “Reference information” for fuse data. Lift the optical unit gently to remove the plastic foam packing. When you release the mouse button, the part within the rectangle will be enlarged. To open the fuse manula, after first removing the power to the system, use a small bladed screwdriver to lever the holder outwards.

Close the Documentation window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.


The flow cell should not be used puriier any other pH pufifier. The logbook provides a complete history of any given run. It is important that the recommendations in these tables are followed. Run Data The Run Data pane displays the current values for selected run parameters. Sample application technique Volume to inject Sample loop manual filling automated filling optional 0—21 ml 0.

For more detailed information, refer to Pump P User Manual.

ÄKTApurifier User Guide – GE Healthcare Life Sciences |

Refer to Section 8. Before moving the system, disconnect all cables and tubing connected to peripheral components and liquid containers. Attach the column holder enclosed in Box above the UV cell.


It can be used at gradient volumes down to 5 ml binary gradients. Also use this procedure to clean the flow path before service or maintenance. All three are loaded by a syringe.

The pH is generated from pump module A and the salt concentration from pump module B. The installation test can also be used at any time to check the condition of the system, for example, after a prolonged stop. The method name, followed by three consecutive numbers starting with will then be used as default name for the result file of your method purlfier runs.

It is also possible to view all three wavelengths simultaneously by turning the dial one step further only three digits. Calculation of the delay volume: Check that the flow restrictor generates the following back-pressure: Normally the curves are scaled with auto scaling, i.

You can zoom further on the enlarged part. Hardware items, for example, keyboard key names, key combinations, purifiet sequences, hard key names on the equipment and connector port names located on the equipment are identified in the text by bold text.

The main operating menu 1 of Monitor UPC shows the absorbance value with 6 digits for the selected wavelength, the conductivity as a percentage of full scale and the pH value optional. Be careful not to cut any capillaries by accident.


ÄKTApurifier User Guide – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Retighten or replace if necessary. Smaller values have a greater effect and a value of infinity has no effect. In case ;urifier an emergency situation, the system mains switch must always be easy to access and the mains plug must always be easy to disconnect. The pKa values are shown in the list.

ÄKTApurifier – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

A click will indicate that the filter is in position. Connecting the column Monitor UV A rectangle appears on the screen. Also check all enclosed boxes. This will create a report containing the chromatogram and the questions on one page.

Complete the two first Sections of the Installation record. Superloop permits the introduction of larger volumes of sample 1— ml onto the column. If used, the Union Luer connector replaces the injection fill port in port 3 of the injection valve. The reading should be close to: Secure it with the slide clamp. The covers of the mannual and components must not be removed by the user. If the electrode is not fully inserted, the system will leak and a dead volume will occur in the holder.

The information selected here will be printed in the report.