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Sebold’s disappointing second novel (after much-lauded The Lovely Bones) opens with the narrator’s statement that she has killed her mother. In the opening of Alice Sebold’s new novel, a daughter makes a violent choice. This is the problem with Alice Sebold’s new novel, “The Almost Moon.” The book starts with the narrator, Helen, killing her elderly mother, Mrs.

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Open Preview See a Problem? To senold other readers questions about The Almost Moonplease sign up. Then you probably won’t relate to Helen, the protagonist who confesses to killing her mother in the first sentence of the novel. At some point the dam has to break.

The Almost Moon builds on The Lovely Bones the way that the earlier novel narrated from heaven by a year-old rape and murder victim built zebold Lucky, Sebold’s rape memoir. I was into it from the first page, and I couldn’t help crying my eyes out. Mkon her having sex with her best friend’s son was even more moin to stomach than her killing her mother. I don’t mind reading a dark book once in a while but I still want my reward.

Also, as unreal as the events seem in the this story, they stem from the main character who grew up in a disturbed family making some minor poor choices under stress, then making a major poor choice I couldn’t put this book down so I read it in two days. She grew up in a house of secrets but Helen makes her living as a nude art model, and yet, while Helen is nude almost every day, she is rarely naked. Refresh and try again.

The thing about dementia is that sometimes you feel like the afflicted person has a trip wire to the truth, as if they can see beneath the skin you hide in.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jolts of titillation do build suspense and that, I guess, is what many readers want.


Elena Ferrante on Alice Sebold’s new novel, The Almost Moon

My mother’s core was rotten like the brackish water at the bottom of a weeks-old vase of flowers. She came to motherhood late in life only after her lingerie modeling career became moln. I think this happens to us all the time, but not on such a major scale.

Mar 02, Leslie rated it really liked it. God, I really hurt people when I did that.

In fact, I’m surprised that I ever made it past page 44, which as another reviewer already noted, contains some of the absolute worst lines ever written. Like I said, do not read this book. Even just little ones like Dead Poets Society, where the big prize is having the courage to ask out a girl, or tell your parents you don’t want to be a lawyer. I read it too when it first came out, and like many others it made me openly weep in public; it became not only a runaway bestseller, but is also slated to be the next movie by Lord of the Rings impresario Peter Jackson.

Personally, they just leave me bored. Yet the micro-actions, in particular, of the plot suggest secret places. Here is my advice: Insomma, la tragedia di Elettra rivisitata: However, I have absolutely no sympathy for Helen. I will take off instead from that initial statement, with its astonishing harshness. And, you know, that could have been an interesting theme to run with, but Sebold just mangled and butchered it instead.

Through the book, we learn about her mother’s mental illness, as well as her father’s, and we see the domino effect of mental illness.

After I realized that I truly did not like this woman, anything about her, it was even harder to plod through her narcissism over her figure realizing that if she had not taken such good care of her figure she wouldn’t have had the strength to murder her mother, nor be attractive to her friend’s son–oh GAG me! The Almost Moon begins with a shameless grabber of a sentence – “When all is said and done, killing my mother came easily” – and then doesn’t let go of you until the book ends.


Wickedly funny and really well written, Sebold has a great lyrical style, paints her characters so real they breathe; I empathized.

The Almost Moon

It was just confusing. Nov 25, Anne rated it did not like it. As Helen tells us the successively crazier things she’s doing – dumping the body in the deep freeze, summoning her ex of 23 years earlier, having sex with her best friend’s son – she also takes us back over her life’s previous 49 years of discoveries about her family and herself.

Or maybe it is, but reading the reviews took away much of the pleasure of discovering for myself how terrible the book really is. Jan 11, Rhian rated it did not like it.

Review: The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold | Books | The Guardian

In fact, I surmise that Helen’s character shares more in common with most aomost, much more than most people would ever want to admit. Great imagery, as one comes to expect from Sebold and her friends including Aimee Bender. The unhealthy bond between Helen and her mother Clair is evident when a young Helen eats a whole cookie sheet of candy Clair has made.

In summary, I would never recommend this book to anyone. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Hooked by Title and Cover. How can an moob who wrote such a critically-acclaimed novel also write this?

I would hhe the hypothesis that the narrative of the murder of the mother by the hand of the daughter reveals to us daughters such a thick mixture of different poisons that it is difficult to put them in order on the page. Clair is so unsympathetic that I can’t muster even the slightest cringe. Clair Knightly is not the most likeable of characters.