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Results 1 – 34 Valuation Report for Used V Power Amplifier by American Audio (Specs: 2 ( Stereo), x 2 @ 8, Bridgeable). Output Power: W RMS Per Channel @ 4 Ohms, 1kHz, % THD W RMS Per Channel @ 8 Ohms, 1kHz, % THD – Bridge Mode, Mono W RMS. Download AMERICAN AUDIO V V SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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During normal operation below clipping, and momentary clips on peaks, the limiter does not affect the audio signal and is inaudible.

The diagram below detail the functions of each dip switch, the functions are also printed on the rear panel of the amplifier. Service Hours are Monday through Friday 9: No hay piezas adentro que el aucio puede reparar. Ground Lift Switch This switch is used to disconnect the internal ground signal from the amplifier chassis ground. Rear mounting the unit is especially recommended if the unit is to mounted into a mobile rack. If the carton appears to be damaged, carefully inspect your unit for any damage and be sure all accessories necessary to operate the system have arrived intact.

Use channel two positive output terminal for the negative connection and the channel one positive output terminal for the positive connection.

Insert the bare wire into the hole that was reveled by unscrewing the binding post cap. To reset the breaker, push it in.

The dip switches on the rear panel allows you to configure the low cut filter. Bridged-Mono Mode Caution – The voltage across the output terminals of a bridged Vplus series amplifier may equal or exceed V volts RMS and may be ameriacn high as volts. This fans are used to cool the internal parts of the amplifier when in use.


When the input signal audo, the “CLIP LED’s” indicate a signal overload, at this time, the master volume should be lowered to reduce distortion. You may also visit us on the web at www.


Clipping should be kept to a reasonable minimum. An amplifier’s peak current draw at full output power into 2 ohms amefican several times what the “normal ” draw is, but its various protection circuits will prevent this condition lasting more than a minute or two.

Channel 1 filters is control by dip switch 1 and channel 2 filter is controlled by dip switch 4. Before using this amplifier, read the user manual for further warnings.

Turn your equipment on your amplifier should always be the last item you turn on. Diagram 10 When connecting your speakers to the amplifier using bare wire; Unscrew the red and black caps on the binding post, be sure not to completely remove or unscrew the red and black caps.

The limiter has a fixed threshold and can not be adjusted.

VLP1000 power amplifier

Channel 2 Frequency Adjustment. A limiter takes the gain of an overloading signal and reduces it, the reduction in gain reduces distortion that can cause damage to your speakers and amplifier. Connect your speakers to vv1000 outputs on the rear of the akdio. Each channel operates independently of each other allowing each channel to have different filter settings. Banana Plugs – When connecting your speakers to the amplifier using banana jacks; Be sure that the red and black caps on the binding post are completely screwed in.


Thermal Protection – A single variablespeed fan on the Vplus and dual variable speed fans on the Vplus and Vplus V V V amplifiers provide adequate cooling.

The power-supply cord or the plug has been damaged. It will allow c1000 clipping of peaks and will only activate when continuous, hard clipping occurs. P Typical speaker output using spade connectors.

Never block the fan grills in any way or mount in an enclose rack, doing so may cause the amplifier to overheat and fail.

V Power Amplifier by American Audio Valuation Report by

Connect a XLR cable to the input of channel one. This booklet contains important information concerning the proper and safe operation of your amsrican amplifier. No user serviceable parts inside. To reduce the risk of shock or damage to your amplifier, be sure that the wire connected to one binding post does not come in contact with that of another.


Short Circuit Protection can usually be traced back to the signal output line i. Low Cut Frequency Selector When the Low Cut Filter is activated, dip switches 2 channel 1 and 3 channel 2 will control the frequency roll-off. Um ddas Risiko eines elektrischen Schlages zu vermeiden, nicht die Abdeckung enfernen. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Antes de usar este amplificador, lea mas advertencias en la guia de operacion.