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Anne Querrien studies Urban Sociology and Urban History. Uncorrected, unedited manuscript of Anne Querrien’s talk on the Park Fiction presents: Umsonst & Draussen Symposium, on October 14, Anne Querrien is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Anne Querrien and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes .

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The work of Erving Goffman [10] in the United States and John Gumperz [11] in Britain has critically anen these interactions, which are not just a playing out of the mechanisms of domination, but reveal the real capacity to shape social reality in line with the dominant expectations of the moment. It was officially charged with the task of imposing a homogeneous structure on the country as a whole, and obliging every single individual to speak the same language, the French of the court.

French, a language of emancipation, is becoming a language of repression, of auerrien, of selection and exclusion: The text has been reduced to a lampoon, historicized, appropriated and, later, will be illegible in another context.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field – A Talk by Anne Querrien | Park Fiction

Gardening querrjen habitants, but habitants have become autonomous with the transfer of Ecobox in a new little land; the public space dimension is reducing, the art perpective too. It is a war of languages, with translation being used as a weapon and the translator in the role of a double agent. The bigouden women were only allowed to wear a single embroidered lace round on the middle of their heads, other Breton women typically wore this head-dress on weekdayswhile the real Bretons wore a Sunday head-dress with two lace rounds on either side of their heads.

Yet it also involves levering open the cracks between these references, destabilizing certainties, causing them to waver, mining under and undermining the dominant referent.

Art, any kind of art by the technics, art as conscious agency of heterogenous elements, art as giving visibility to the invisible, is this line of flight, this productive, transductive practice, instauring the public space, the realm of us and others.

My experience of teaching at a university in the banlieue and my involvement with these young people has shown me the gap that exists between different representations of the same material and social environment: In CERFI we missed largely this artistic dimension, this progressive line to go ahead, except in the issue Three billions queers of our journal Recherches. So, from my perspective, disqualified in two respects and undermining an already minor position, I propose to take up again some of the points I raised in the workshop.


Encouragement was given by the story of stopping the hospital program related before. This shame was cleverly managed in the system governing the grading and posting of employees in the public service, starting with the teaching profession, whose role it was to drive forward the movement to promote a national identity.

My exemples are the ones in which I was personally implied, very few qudrrien the lot. New interpretations appeared after Julywhich shifted the emphasis from an analysis of the desire for servitude towards a description of universal methods of domination: It is difficult to teach French to a child, to a non-native, to all those who are distanced from the power of words.

The socialists, and subsequently the anthropologist Pierre Clastres, saw the text as dramatizing the need to fight against the formation of the modern State, an inevitable outcome nevertheless given the divisions querrken in society.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field – A Talk by Anne Querrien

These are articulated in the mechanisms of the workplace and the courts, in practical, querrrien concerns, and in an entire apparatus of segregation and categorization. This revolution however appeared to be a good thing for everyone. Caring through translation Establishing a relationship between different cultural contexts also shapes the foreign community, migrant workers in the main. Translation here is unilateral and major, the acceptance of one person into the space of the other is not reciprocated, but inscribed in a relationship of teaching, translation, integration.

But it is not simple to say no, because there are lot of forces to say yes. The translator has moved with the times, translating the text from one context to another. Managing openess to others and space of retreat at the same time for the core animators is the basis of the creation of public space: It is necessary to trace little by little an operational line of flight with an utopian dimension and a light institutional, processual managing apparatus, to organise along the situation, transform progressively the relations between holders of desires, the no-habitants and alter-professionals.

Translation and publication are stages in a test which of necessity involves some degree of transfer, of betrayal: In traditional Brittany, the bigouden did not have the right to own or work the land; so they made their living as skilled craftspeople or worked as maids, cooks, launderers, teachers, postmen, etc For art production of public spaces desires lie in between people and not in individuals; desires push individuals toward and backward each other; power structures hide those moves behind proeminent individuals and force those to became the private owners of people desires making public space disappear; artists give visibility to thoses moves, in the widest diversity possible.


They found the opportunity to manage a derelict land coming from the railway company, before the city of Paris bought it and expelled them elsewhere. For the time being, you might find material for your research still easier on the old page.

But in the other hand this queriren fastened our end as a research group commissioned by power structures to think about an alternative world. Now they querridn with the image put on them as specialist of urban insterstices before renewal. Self-defence in turn acts as a mirror and, by fending off prejudice, actually legitimizes it. Neither the editor nor the translator will read the source text in exactly the same way; they will never wholly agree on the most meaningful words for successive presentations to the booksellers, then the press release, followed by the critical reception, and finally the public response.

Nonetheless, the situation served as an excuse to declare French, the language spoken by the court of France, as the national language.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field. To obey in order to be obeyed, the chains of enslavement are reproduced, but with the support of psychoanalysis, in an imaginary world, in an illusion.

Habermas shows that it can be the art of receiving. On 27 Maythe Commune was defeated and its premonitory social reforms were abolished. For liberalism desires are affordable only through money and by individual grasp. The English word translation carries the dual meaning of linguistic transfer and movement from one place to another.