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Probably a native of the Tamil region, he was son of Padma-(or, Rudra) kumara, younger brother of Agnikumara and pupil of Aparajita. One Hara- datta, who. stotra related Sanskrit Documents in ITRANS script, available in various Indian language aparAjitAstotram trailokyavijayA | aparAjitA stotra | (meaningmeaning ) . dakArAdi shrI dattasahasranAmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma . shrImahAgaNapati pa~nchakam by Dattareyanandanatha. .. Dainik Prarthana, look for aparAjitA stotra (p28), nR^ kavacha (p49), and other kavachas.

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Storra Chintamani with Gujarathi translationa collection of stotras, part 1. The work of Aparajita Datta and her team of NCF researchers in partnerships with local people and the government seeks to find an equitable balance between the conservation and protection of wildlife habitats and the needs and aspirations of rural communities that depend heavily on forest resources for subsistence.

A Sivanamamanjari published by Mahaperiava Trust Ayutanamavaliwell arranged and compiled by scholars the names of Shiva. Gita Press edition of Sahasranama Stotra Sangraha posted by http: Both books are in Marathi.

Minor Works of Nilkantha Dikshita Ed. Modern Work MS The following scans of Lakshmisahasram are complete and of good quality. Manuscripts are at times hard to decipher.

These two volumes first printed in and include stories from all over the world presented in both Sanskrit and Hindi by the author Padma Shastri.

Get the phalashruti with Hindi meaning. Translated Literature of Vidhushekhar Bhattacharya Translated Literature of Dr. Raghavan and published at Venkateshwara University, Tirupati.


Dr. Aparajita Datta – Wild Shades Of Grey

Tiruppavai sanskrkt Shri Andal translated in Sanskrit. Yet, India remains a mega-diversity country where significant populations of large, and often dangerous, wildlife species survive. Other stotras are already included. The endangered Brown Hornbill Anorrhinusausteni and Rufous-necked Hornbill Aceros nipalensis are the two birds that Datta has been studying pictures below.

Dr. Aparajita Datta – Wild Shades Of Grey

His family members have consolidated his Sanskrit Works and posted some of them on archive. PitruSuktam from Shuklayajurveda commonly recited in Nepal at Kagbeni, 11 kilometers from and between Jomsom and Muktinath.

Translated Literature of Girija Prasanna Lahiri Stotra Ratna Malacompilation of shlokas and some stotras with English meanings for many deities.

Contribution of Indira Chattopadhyay There is elaborate Sanskrit commentary. We sat behind a sal tree sanxkrit where my guide Imam predicted it would come out. Home People Opinions Dr. Total 20 saskrit were proposed. Translated Literature of Bhabani Prasad Bhattacharya Theme is the author sending a message to his Guru through megha. Compilation and translation is by Swami Bholebaba.

These are digitized under Digital Library of India project. Sternbach was a French national of Polish origin: Translated Literature of Tuhinika Devi Appayya Dixit collection Complete works, list and short description at http: We are in a biodiversity crisis.

Stotra Samahara by Raghavan Pillai, Parts 1 and 2. The introduction says that there are more than dUtakAvyas in existence. Each has many stotras and relevant information http: Arriving at the Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh in North East India in to study the impact of logging on arboreal creatures including squirrels and primates, her attention was instantly captured by the charismatic hornbills and she went onto study them for her PhD.


Aparajita Datta Scientist, Eastern Himalaya. The audio lectures are found on shaivam. His commentaries on Upanishads were published by the Adyar Library in 8 volumes. Karthik TeegalapalliAparajita Datta. Translated Literature of Gauridatta Sarma Shastri Shivanama kalpalataverses corresponding to names of Shiva. Stotra Ratnavali 20 MbGeeta Press. How to reconcile this conflict to ensure nature conservation is the biggest challenge we face.

Vijnanashatakam, 4th Shatakam by Bhartrihari with Sanskrit commentary, and Sanskrit text with Gujarati translation. There are other books written by him, in case anyone is aware of their availability Pune publication. Anandashrama Sanskrita Series gives a list of 27 smriti-s printed till It started as a list of pending texts for proofreading but has turned in to a repository of useful links for a Stotra collector. This is due to a remarkable spirit of co-existence. PhD Aparajita has been involved in research and conservation in Arunachal Pradesh since and a primary focus of her work has been on hornbills.

It has many small uncommon stotras. Compare the available chAlisas in Hindi section. Translated Literature of Giridhar Sharma ‘Navaratna’ In progress, inquire if interested The index of nArada Pancharatra shows that it has jaganma.