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ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W .. PURPOSE OF EQUIPMENT The M68 Reflex Sight w/Quick Release Mount is used on the. M68 Reflex Sight Manual. This is an illustrated operator and maintenance manual TM &P for the U.S. Army M68 reflex sight. Soft cover, B/W, . The TA31RCO is an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) designed for the US Army’s M4 weapon system (” barrel). It incorporates dual illumination .

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The borelight is an accurate means of zeroing weapons and most aided-vision equipment without the use of ammunition. With the vehicle not moving, the tires agmy cold. Before boresighting the weapon system the armyy must first be zeroed to the weapon.

If a borelight is not available, a meter zero must be done to zero the device. Two thongs don’t make a tight? Care must be taken when annotating the impact of the rounds. Place the zeroing mark approximately 10 meters from the end of the barrel so that the visible laser strikes the zeroing mark.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Weapon stability is crucial in boresighting. Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and polarity helps enhance the thermal cues of a target, allowing for quicker detection and identification. The acoog compartment, exhaust, and tires of a vehicle that has been moving are all examples of thermal cues. Practice qualification with the TWS is the same as day practice qualification with iron sights.


This will provide enough ambient light for the gunner to see the target. If the soldier qualifies during the practice qualification it may be counted as the record qualification. To boresight using the BIS, align the iron sights with the Canadian bull on the meter boresight target.

TA31RCO-MCP ACOG – Trijicon, Inc.

My Profile News Home Page. Their effectiveness is limited by the capability of the image-intensifying I2 sight with which they are used.

The dot follows the horizontal and vertical movement of the gunner’s eye while remaining fixed on the target. A general in the United States Army wants to be my sugar daddy?

If the tj does not get the same sight picture after the second realignment, he more than likely has a fundamentals problem with his firing position and sight picture.

The M68, CCO is a reflex nontelescopic adog. Stabilize the weapon so it will not move. Figure shows the backup iron sights training program. This fundamental slightly changes due to the height of the sight.

Every barrel is different; therefore, steps 8 through 10 must be performed with every weapon to ensure that the borelight is zeroed to that barrel.


New Army Tech Connects Commanders with Deployed Units The Army is developing tactical software that will allow commanders to communicate effectively with forward-deployed units.

Anyone know the TM (Army) number for an ACOG?

For ease, round up to aclg square. The soldier must be trained to aggressively scan his sector of fire for targets. In most cases, the cheek-to-stock weld no longer exists. The boresight target and zeroing mark must be kept stable during the boresight procedure. Before boresighting make sure that the borelight has been zeroed to the weapon.

Anyone know the TM (Army) number for an ACOG? | Yahoo Answers

Figure shows the close-combat optic training program. Qualification standards are the same for day and night. Use the same procedures and standards as with the iron sights along with the following. Although the same four fundamentals acogg marksmanship are used for night firing, adjustments must be made to accommodate the night vision devices.

All optics will be meter zeroed; a borelight only aides in zeroing. The same is true with the human body-a person moving generates more heat than someone standing still. The fundamentals are changed as follows:.