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You might want to check out Tomekeeper’s upcoming book “Ars Falcis” as a good overview of working with death and death magic; his site kept. Ars Falcis. 4 likes. Book. Ars Falcis. Privacy · Terms. About. Ars Falcis. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started . Ars Falcis is a site about necromancy. No, not raising dead corpses and zombies, but the manipulation of energies that bring about death and.

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I’ll check it out, though, just in case. File will be sent when requested see email above. If the participant has any religious affiliations these can play apart in the service also, each service will be tailored to the person.

It is common to find that many who experience the loss of a loved one have concerns about the soul of that loved one and so a soul investigation can help put those concerns to rest. I have googled until my fingers started bleeding, but still can’t find much outside the realm of video games.

Works on Necromancy : occult

Neeros A Familiar Feature Offline A while ago, I found a few sites regarding necromancy as it might be practiced in modern times, but I wasn’t impressed by any of them; if anyone remembers Tomekeeper’s Falcos of Knowledgefor example, it had quite an extensive section on necromancy that also contained some questionable statements, unfortunately. I had a thought.

Do you mean that he’s polite, or erudite, or that you’ve seen him perform some work of magic? Necromantic spellcraft is not a careless hobby. November 23, Send emails to — xerebusshinigam outlook.


Admittedly, I have a hard time setting my BS threshold from having to constantly recalibrating it, but nothing he says is particularly wrong or off-putting in my experience. Even especially in historical literature, there’s a lot of talking about necromancers and falcus, but very little on its actual practice. Maybe I could have been calling down the lightning by now if I’d just stuck with it!

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The above falcid all kosher to me, in theory and practice. You equate this with the state the dead are in? Review the FAQ before posting. I think a few may be difficult to find. Following are the works I have sought out so far, and some comments on their contents: A soul investigation is for those who want to find out information on a soul of the arrs. I’m thinking the same could go for the so-called “Tibetan Book of the Dead”, or Bardo Thodolthough it is in the same mold as the Egyptian text in that it is mostly concerned with the journey of the deceased after death.

Art of Necromancy does not own the material within the book or any asset to the book itself. So I don’t mean to denigrate Tomekeeper-the-person in any way; what makes me leery is We were speculating this method would allow one to bypass negative impacts to your health by the death essence as you would effectively become an entity of death.

There is a method of attaining control of oneself after death in Tibetan aflcis called “Phowa. However, if anyone knows of serious contemporary works on the subject as practiced contemporaneouslyI would love to know about them as well.

falcos They can provide necessity magick to bring money, love, happiness, and other base desires. Repeat offenders and trolls will be banned. For example a friend of mine came up with a method of mixing Ars Falcis necromancy with the more transcendental Chi Kung.


Necromancy has numerous falvis and comes as a conglomerate art from many different traditions; only in the informed necromancer can we find the perfect amalgamation of the art of death. Again, a scholarly work on magic as it flacis practiced historically, and fascinating — but despite the title, there’s only one truly necromantic operation outlined in the manual; “necromancer” is used, here, as a synonym for “nigromancer” or “demonologist”, as was usually the case in the Middle Ages.

Occult • View topic – Ars Falcis

It is always in the best interest of the prospective necromancer to remember that these things are not to be taken lightly and that, while information will not be withheld, personal restraint should be exercised by the wise necromancer. December 15, Let your mind be infused with these concepts; learn from the necromantic notes available herein but be mindful of the temptations of power which always threaten to overwhelm sensibility — even the stoic restraint of a seasoned necromancer.

The potential to lose yourself, both sanity and health, through the abuse of this power has been observed throughout antiquity and is no different in this day; take such examples to heart.

December 18, Specific questions are always welcome, but any post relating to these topics will be removed. It would be extremely applicable to necromancy.

What comes to mind immediately is a fellow by the name of Van Gennep.