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While Art Of Attack In Chess is, indeed, about attacking play in chess, it is Vladimir Vukovic, was drawing me into to a treatise of precision and. I have browsed briefly in the Art of Attack book. Looks like a great book to The Vukovic book can help you improving your “sniffing” a pretty great deal. AnnaZC. Compiled by Jaredfchess –* Games from Vladimir Vukovic’s classic book “The Art of Attack” From “The Attack on the King That Has Lost The Right to Castle”.

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Review deleted on the basis of being rubbish. That’s what I did with Art Of Attack In Chesshowever I played through many more vuukovic than I would with most books and yet I left many enticing variants for later reads – otherwise I’d never get to write this review!

Guess I must not be serious enough then.

While being oldfashioned, overall it’s a great book, a real classic. Refresh and try again. I am currently primary working on improving my tactics and calculation skills.

Now we come to the question of who should read this book. Chess Tactics For Champions. So, it’s intense but readable, but what’s in it? It will be a bit heavy going for your rating Anna, but quite entertaining and will improve your chess.

You have to sniff it, using the ahtack attacking principles complex or not and your intuition.

Art of Attack in Chess

Mate in 3 El99m 12 min ago. There are lots of variations, and the author assumes the reader, especially clearly in those variations, to be vlasimir pretty strong player. I’ll come back to it later and re-read it.


I normally study books while at a proper wooden chess board, but I suggest that a digital chess board may vladjmir more appropriate. Not quite, but in some cases a stategical judgement of a position may well reveal a hidden tactical device.

On my first read through any chess book, I sit in front of a chess board and vukoviic through all the main lines, and occasionally play through variations when they seem particularly interesting. The book definitely won’t automatically make you good at attacking — you have to be very dilligent to learn something from the examples. Mar 30, 3. View all 11 comments. Open Preview See a Problem? Mar 24, Mike Winters rated it liked it.

I have browsed briefly in the Art of Attack book.

A study of this masterpiece will add power and brilliance to any chess enthusiast’s play. This was a game changer for me. Some people like books, other softwares, videos etc. One thing I liked about this book was its treatment of the bishop sacrifice on h7 a classic attack.


The Art of Attack – By Vladimir Vukovic

Eastern Open performance NM Marty 13 min ago. While Art Of Attack In Chess is, indeed, about attacking play in chess, it is specifically about attacking the opponent’s castled King. Elmar Bagirov rated it liked it May 28, I took my time to study the books variations and applyed it to my real life chess games and was able to out play 2 of my algebra teachers other then that it was a really good book for someone who is looking for aggressive play in chess I look forward to reading more of Vladimir Vukovics chess books to improve for the scholastic chess tournament over the spring break.


Read first 32 pages and chapter on mating patterns. If you don Another “must od for any chess player. I think this is for player up. In truth, I generally learn most effectively buy working my way through vukoviic book from front to back, understanding the main points of the text, and then returning to the book a few months later to absorb the details.

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Lists with This Book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even if I felt that I benefitted minimally in terms of chess vadimir from books, I still derive a lot of enjoyment from them, so as far as I am concerned they are definitely not a waste of time.

Many gm buy new opening manuals like GM Wesley So. It just a matter of preference Almost the entire pages of it! To ask other readers questions about Art of Attack in Chessplease vukovid up.

Alok rated it really liked it Feb 11,