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ASTM E165-09 PDF

ASTM E Liquid Penetrant Equivalent 23rd May , AM ASTM E , Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Examination for General Industry. ASTM E Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Examination; ASTM E Standard Practice for Visible Penetrant Testing Using Solvent Removable. Aug 9, For those of you who do liquid penetrant testing, you’ll want to know that there’s a new Edition of the ASTM E/EM standard.

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When hydro-air pressure spray guns are used, the air pressure should not exceed 25 psi [ kPa]. Finally, rinse both inside and outside of the sample crucible into the beaker. The developer form, the part size, con? The method selected will depend accordingly on the design and service requirements of the parts or materials being tested. Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters.

Agreement by the customer requesting penetrant inspection is strongly recommended. It will remove inorganic soils and many organic soils from the surface of parts, but may not reach to the bottom of deep discontinuities, and a subsequent solvent soak is recommended.

Bombs with porous or pitted surfaces should never be used because of the tendency to retain chlorine from sample to sample. If iodine is present, Use aliquots of this solution for the ion chromatography IC analysis. All of these contaminants can prevent the penetrant from entering discontinuities see Annex on Cleaning of Parts and Materials.

The sample is oxidized by combustion in a bomb containing oxygen under pressure.

Small parts are quite often placed in suitable baskets and dipped into a tank of penetrant. Its range of applicability is 0.

Spurious peaks may result from contaminants in reagent water, glassware, or sample processing apparatus. As the voice of the U.


Dye Penetrant Testing | Magnachek

NOTE 3—Refer to 9. NOTE 6—This type of developer is intended for application by spray only. Some solid additives are relatively insoluble, but may be satisfactorily burned when covered with a layer of white oil. If sample adjustments are made, adjust standards and blanks identically.

The intensity shall be checked daily to ensure the required output see Guide E for more information. The maximum temperature that will not cause degradation of the properties of the ceramic should be used. The inner surface of the bomb may be made of stainless steel or any other material that will not be affected by the combustion process or products. Development time begins as soon as wet developer coating has dried on surface of parts recommended minimum.

If the weight is greater than 50 ppm, proceed with the bomb procedure. It is recommended to not use more than 1 g total of sample and white oil or other chlorine-free combustible material. Spray parts in such a manner as to ensure complete part coverage of the area being examined with a thin, even?

ASTM E / EM – 12 Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Examination for General Industry

NOTE 8—Surface preparation of structural or electronic ceramics for penetrant testing by grinding, sand blasting and etching is not recommended because of the potential for damage. They are formulated to be selectively removed from the surface using a separate emulsi? It should be used with water and detergent if the soil to be removed is inorganic rust, dirt, salts, corrosion products, etc.

With a system requiring suppressor regeneration, NO2? Admit oxygen see Note A2. Drain all excess developer from recesses and trapped sections to eliminate pooling of developer, which can obscure discontinuities. On larger parts, and those with complex geometries, penetrant can be applied effectively by brushing or spraying.


The technology, however, is easily implemented in remote locations to check the integrity of welds in fabricated structures asstm for locating stress cracks on aircraft. After application of the emulsi? The products liberated are absorbed in the eluant present in the bomb at the time of ignition.

Automatic titrators continuously stir the sample, add titrant, measure the potential difference, calculate the differential, and plot the differential on a chart.

Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Stir to dissolve and then adjust the pH to 5. The water spray pressure should be less than 40 psi [ kpa]. It e1165-09 a single instrumental technique for rapid, asstm measurement of common anions such as bromide, chloride,?

The separated anions are directed onto a strongly acidic cation exchanger suppressor column where they are converted to their highly conductive acid form and the carbonatebicarbonate eluant is converted to weakly conductive carbonic acid.

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Remove the bomb from the bath after immersion for at least ten minutes. For visible dye, the developer must be applied thickly enough to provide a contrasting background. For this purpose there must be a separate code, standard, or a speci?

The technique is applicable to virtually any non-porous material. Sample dilution overcomes many interferences. This solution is washed from the bomb,? The actual time required in the vapor degreaser and solvent soak will depend on the nature of the part and should be determined experimentally.

Solvent cleaners are not recommended for the removal of rust and scale, welding? The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other.