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09/Aug/, CC, 80, 01/Jul/, 25/Oct/, National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Consequential Amendments) Act. Recent Cases Bankruptcy Act Year & No: Act No. 33, Purpose: An Act This item may be affected by COMMONWEALTH REDRESS SCHEME FOR . Bankruptcy Act (Cth) – CC – Start date: 26/10/

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Court may make orders in relation to registered trustees.

The Official Trustee in Bankruptcy Voluntary termination of registration Infringement notices for offences Provisions ceasing to have effect. Application adt the Criminal Code Trustee may sue, be sued etc.

Release of the Official Trustee Notification of death of administrator Provisions ceasing to have effect If a provision of the compiled law has expired or otherwise ceased to have effect in accordance with a qct of the law, details are included in the endnotes.


Extension of period of notice Trustee ceasing to object on some grounds Warrant for seizure of property connected with the bankrupt.

Amendment of proof of debt Making an order declaring a debt agreement void Bankrruptcy D—Giving information etc. Protection of certain transfers of property against relation back etc.

Certificate relating to discharge of obligations Failure of person to provide information Discharged bankrupt to give assistance Editorial changes For more information about any editorial changes made in this compilation, see the endnotes.

Right of creditors to request information etc.

Second or subsequent bankruptcy Editorial changes For more information about any editorial changes made in this compilation, see the endnotes. Leaving Australia with intent to defeat creditors bamkruptcy Two or more trustees acting in succession Review of assessment decisions Prevarication or evasion in the course of giving evidence Duties and powers of controlling trustee Leaving Australia with intent to defeat creditors etc Representation of corporation etc Financial affairs of a trust Transfer of proceedings to Family Court Record of proceedings or evidence Acts of controlling trustee to bind trustee of subsequent personal insolvency agreement or bankruptcy Entity entitled to claim in bankruptcy Rules nankruptcy to meetings Court may inquire on application of creditors etc Parties to a debt agreement Failure of person to attend before the Court etc Effect of composition or scheme of arrangement Duties of sheriff after receiving notice of presentation of petition etc.


When debtor disqualified from presenting declaration