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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. This question comes from reading Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji’s riddle about 22 Vaars. Bhai Sahib Ji. bsMq kI vwr mhlu 5 () basant kee vaar mahal 5. Basant Kee Vaar, Fifth Mehl: siqgur pRswid ] () ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad. One Universal. I read this: #. U11lSbK9KSM. It says that 11 recitations of basant ki vaar = a person.

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Basant Ki Vaar Question

The three great benefits of chanting Naam as per the second Pauri are — taming of 5 vices, elimination of all diseases and becoming one with Vaheguru jee. The Gurus never taught these demon ways. Yet your so called native “brothers” get totally bladdered on sharaab and meat, but that is okay, they are native Sikh brothersshaaah baaash!.

Basant, is the Punjabi word for spring from which the musical measure the Var derives its title. The Gurus never taught us these demon ways – someone posted earlier with a video clip of someone teaching yoga. Basant Ki Var, by Guru Arjan Dev, is the shortest of the twentytwo vars holy poems composed in the style or tone of odes. If you have an account, please sign in. Like Malhar the raga of the rainy season the The Basant Ki Var is an ancient seasonal raga – the raga of springtime.

Basant Ki Vaar Question March 04, By harsharan Started March 27, Basant ki Vaar does not come up in chapter 8 of Shardha Pooran Granth. Posted March 3, Vars are heroic ballads included in the Guru Granth Sahib.


Posted March 7, ii Yes its different shabad it probably taken from different gurbani shabad sidhi patt steek but point being this is not hasant – shabad sidhi patt is faith building compilation, always been done for health, socio-religious, socio-economic, monetary chapter 8 sharda poran granth- dhan di prapti hove with shabad reference from gurbani and spiritual prosperity.

Who knows what mystical occurrence had occurred when Guru Sahib jee ended it like this. Gurbani is Agam Agaadh Bodh.

He did not want the Sikhs to know what he really was teaching them. Thanks Neo i was looking for that book but couldnt find it earlier. The Gurbani teacher had a huge argument with the devil because the devil lied to his naive only english speaking students about what Gurbani teaches.

Hi there I read this: Basatn Audio Video Literature.

Basant Ki Vaar Question

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. The third Pauri declares that such Bhagats are beautiful Suhaave who chant Naam, meditate on Naam, and listen to Naam. What about half of Punjab high on drugs – did the Gurus teach us that? Since it is relatively short, it would be easy for someone like myself to include it in Nitnem and it would be of great help to hear more about Basant Ki Vaar from Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji or any other GurSikh who has experience of doing Paath of this Bani.

In no way does the devils practices equate to Shardha Pooran Granth.


This is your fathers Bani on sale. The devil was adding his basat devil teachers practices of hatha yoga and other manmat practices with Gurbani as ONLY a mantra. I agree its bit of slippery slope but why worry? Paste as plain text instead. Yet we have people who cannot string two words together without adding the word devil?

My theory on Mahaparloh. What about the “Sikhs” who in their bana and long beards gorge on steaks – did the Gurus teach us that?

Posted March 2, A nice, positive way of looking at it. Stop doin nindeya ppl. Another point to note is that baar Vaar is the only Vaar, apart from Ramkali kee Vaar, that does not have any Saloks attached to it, even though there are so many Saloks that were left in the pool of Salok Vaara tau Vadheek. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Basant Ki Vaar – Millionaire Mantra? – GUPT | ANONYMOUS – SIKH SANGAT

Posted April 28, edited. When maharaj does kirpa he can bless with money raaj bhaag and many things. For your information there is no devil. This Pankiti also contains basanr secret of Jugti of Naam Abhyaas. By harsharan Started December 25, Sign In Sign Up. Is there an underlying sakhi to this?