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In Goliath, New York Times bestselling author Max Blumenthal takes us on a journey through the badlands and high roads of Israel-Palestine, painting a startling. Writing at the Atlantic, Fallows described Blumenthal’s Goliath as a book that “ should be discussed and read” and dismissed criticism of Goliath. Blumenthal’s “Goliath” holds mirror to Israeli society. Rod Such The Electronic Intifada 4 November Cover of Goliath by Max Blumenthal. A specter is.

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Max Blumenthal born December 18, is an American author, journalist, and blogger. Like a surgeon, Blumenthal deconstructs the elaborate propaganda that promotes Israel as both Jewish and democratic, making it clear that The Jewish State is on a road to ruin as it attempts to practice the apartheid that civilization no longer accepts, riding nationalism to new extremes under the protection of holocaust guilt, the financial and political backing of wealthy Jewish Americans such as Sheldon Adelson and the clout of the Israel Lobby in the United States.

This book rips through the veneer of propaganda in Israel and reveals the Jim Crow like racism at the core of the Zionist ideology.

Free speech and antisemitism: Max Blumenthal’s Goliath

The youths used expletives and racist rhetoric about President Barack Obama and Arabswhich included referring to Obama as a ” nigger ” and “like a terrorist”. He has called on Israeli Jewish citizens to “steel” themselves for the long-haul, for this unending battle for the purity of Jewish bblumenthal, a long period of “one-way peace” in which Israel alone continues to enjoy relative peace, prosperity and tranquility, while Palestinian urban centers are systematically, bombed, uprooted and decimated.

Thinking about this, and yoliath of the later chapters where author Blumenthal discusses how the Israelies ruthlessly brainwash their own people in the media, I began to wonder how non-biased these works are, and their value in shaping the American public opinion.


From besieged Gazan villages to the halls of the increasingly fascist Knesset, Blumenthal probes the striated layers of Isreali-Palestinian social constructs to the best of his ability. In Netanyahu’s newly created immoral universe, Israeli citizenship demands “as a given” and as a precondition, that moral norms be sacrificed on the altar of Jewish racial purity. Victims were killed, burned, maimed and shards of metal infected with rat poison lodged into their glliath.

Max Blumenthal – Wikipedia

This book was ridiculously informative about an issue that I new very little about. I accepted that there were two equally legitimate parties contending for land and that there was a drive to divide that land justly: These inclinations have always been present in Jewish Israel, but Blumenthal maintains that it has become much more extreme under the leadership of Netanyahu.

Noting rightly, goliatb since WWII analogies blumenthzl so universally known they can be extremely useful. Lists with This Book.

Write a customer review. Retrieved May 29, Prime Minister Netanyahu rails against the movement to deligitimize Israel, but his lament is futile as the project of Zionism to expel native people in order to replace them never was legitimate. Someone else will have to do that. These do not prick the consciences of these obsessive maniacs with their bottomless hatred of anything and everyone Israeli.


Oct 31, Ob-jonny rated it it was amazing. It is a major ongoing tragedy leading to inexorable disaster.

Life and Loathing in Greater Israel: A Review of Max Blumenthal’s ‘Goliath’

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. It is limited because it does not subject the Palestinian side to the same scrutiny as the Israelis, and certainly one can find hostility and incitement on that side as well. It is not merely a specific condemnation of Zionism, an extended commentary, or investigative reporting.


You can see the video of the Israelis cussing out Obama if you look hard and it is called “Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem”. He’s the sort of fellow who calls someone “racist,” after which analysis stops.

As for the author, he voliath a manner of writing where the key participants are so vivid, you get a real feeling for them as people rather than just nameless figures in an endless conflict.

You will not forget this document, ever. Though an Ashkenazi Jew himself, Blumenthal feels that Israel under Netanyahu has become an extremely racist and paranoid state obsessed with the idea that they are under siege by their enemies, and boumenthal differences between Jews and Palestinian Arabs are irreconcilable and non-negotiable. It’s a region and a conflict that I knew very little more than the headlines about.

Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel by Max Blumenthal

The 51 Day War: In both cases, Israel won wars, dispossessed some Arabs from their homes, and reduced others to subjects of one sort or another.

They tend to be the affluent, educated, secular and liberal younger members of Israeli society. Unlike Filkins, though, Blumenthal ggoliath evocative enough and succinct enough to keep this technique from grinding the reader down. Yet again another trendy left non-Israeli Jew decides to jump on the ‘burn Israel’ bandwagon hoping to get ahead with his champagne socialist friends in the media and academia by writing hate-filled agitprop against Israel.