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August 1, Shortly after 6 pm, the IW Bridge collapses with motor that resulted in undersized gusset plates on some of Bridge ‘s main trusses. tural members could result in the collapse of the whole bridge. In the Bridge , IW Over Mississippi River, Fatigue Evaluation and. After the bridge’s collapse, the subsequent investigation that was conducted by the National . (IW over the Mississippi River).

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But we didn’t have one problem with brige of these issues, because we knew who was in charge of the assets,” said Rocco Forte, city Emergency Preparedness Director. The Board, with assistance from the FHWA, conducted a thorough review of the design of the bridge, with an emphasis on the design of the gusset plates. Gray Plant Moody, List Gusset Plates as Specific, Separate Inspection Elements These were not listed, contributing to an eventual incomplete review process.

The City, the River, the Bridge: The same can be said of the fracturing of the gusset plate. This map shows average daily traffic volumes for downtown Minneapolis.

The bowing of the plates is believed to have occurred during construction. They are essential to the structural integrity of the bridge.

  IEC 60811-1 PDF

The first bridge upstream is the historic Stone Arch Bridgebuilt for the Great Northern Railway and now used for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Archived from the original on October 6, The three main spans were of deck truss construction while all but two of the eleven approach spans bridgw steel multi-girder construction, the two exceptions being concrete slab construction.

Wikinews has related news: Archived from the original PDF on September 25, Step by Step Resources. The bridge was located collapde Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city and connected the neighborhoods of Downtown East and Marcy-Holmes.

Minneapolis Interstate 35W Bridge Collapse – Minnesota Issues Resources Guides

Some structural engineering experts have even suggested that up to US bridges are in need of remodeling. L47 This book addresses the I bridge collapse in 930. Does this mean that discounting the importance of gusset plates to the load rating is THE root cause in our Root Cause Analysis?

We can still improve it, though. National Transportation Safety Board photo. A prime feature in the garden includes 13 steel I-beam and opaque glass columns. The two support piers for the main trusses, each with two load-bearing concrete pylons at either side of the center main span, were located on opposite banks of the river.

Retrieved October 7, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved June 12, Selfless actions and compassion bridgd enduring community out of tragic events.


Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: 10 Years Later, Infrastructure Still In Decline : NPR

That day, Bush gave an emergency rather than major disaster declaration for the state of Minnesota, allowing local and state agencies to recover costs incurred August 1 to 15 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA. It’s a challenge that will no doubt grow as structures age and federal interest continues to lag. M6 S73 State Highways and Bridges.

Trunk Highway Bridges and Collwpse Bridges.

I-35W Mississippi River bridge

Archived from the original on July 4, Ensure Bridge Construction Inspectors Receive Bridge Instruction Training The same people who provide oversight for bridge instruction are tasked with inspecting the bridge at a later point.

The FBI teams had planned to search with an unmanned submarine, but had to abandon this plan after they found it was too big to bridhe in the debris field and cloudy water.

M6 B35 Bridging the Gap: Had this concentration not occurred, the collapse may have collspse prevented.