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A lot of candidates have asked for syllabus for BSNL JTO Exam. Please read the detailed syllabus for BSN JTO Exam that will help you prepare for the Exam. (Telecom) {(JTC (T)}. Next i.e upcoming exam date is: JTO Exam Syllabus. Download details Syllabus for BSNL JTO Syllabus for Telecom. Here’s the updated Syllabus for BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) exam For JTO Telecom Section – I: R S Azad said:(Tue, Aug 9, AM).

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Bsbl controlled reactors; switched capacitor networks. Noise and bandwidth considerations. Limit state design for bending, shear, axial compression and combined forces, Codal provisions for slabs, beams, walls and footings. Properties of gsnl, classification and interrelationship, Compaction behaviour, method of compaction and their choice, Permeability and seepage, flow nets, Inverter filters, Compressibility and consolidation ,shearing resistance, stresses and failure, SO testing in laboratory and in-situ, Stress path and applications, Earth pressure theories, stress distribution in soil, soil exploration, samplers, load tests ,penetration tests.

Syllabus and Previous year Question Papers for this Exam? Modulation and detection in analogue and digital systems; Sampling and data reconstruction. Types, Indian standard classification, absorption, saturation factor, strength in masonry, influence of mortar strength and masonary strength.

Classification of surveys, scales, accuracy, Measurement of distances-direct and indirect methods, optical and electronic devices, Measurement of directions, prismatic compass, local attraction, Theodolites-types Measurement of elevations, Spirit and trigonometric levelling, Relief representation, Contours, Digital elevation modelling concept, Establishment of control by triangulations and traversing measurements and adjustment of observations, computation of coordinates, Field astronomy, concept of global positioning system, Map preparation by plane tabling and by photogrammetry, Remote sensing concepts, map substitutes.


Different types and species of structural timber, density-moisture relationship, strength in different directions, defects, influence of defects on permissible stress, preservation, dry and wet rots, plywood, codal provision for design. Starting and speed control. Whcih books to refer for the JTO exam?

JTO Electronics Syllabus: Digital logic gate families, universal gates-combination circuits for arithmetic and logic operational, sequential logic circuits. Electromagnetic Measurement and instrumentation Basics 6.

BSNL JTO Syllabus 2019 – BSNL Junior Telecom Officer Exam Pattern

EMF, torque, basic machine types. Optimal power system operation. Conveyance and distribution systems of treated water, leakage and control, Rural water supply, Institutional and Industrial water supply. Transistor as a switching element; Boolean algebra, simplification of Boolean functions, Karnaugh Map and applications; IC Logic gates and their characteristics; IC logic families: Hydrological cycle, precipitation and related data analysis, PMP, unit and synthetic hydrographs, Evaporation and transpiration, floods and their management, PMG, Streams and their gauging.

Analysis of indeterminate skeletal frames- moment distribution, slope deflection, stiffness and force methods, energy methods. Characteristics and performance analysis. Construction and operation, leakage losses and efficiency. Fields in dielectrics, conductors and magnetic materials. What is the syllabus? Transistor biasing and stabilization, Small Signal analysis. Analog Electronic Circuits 2.

Syllabus for BSNL JTO (Junior Telecom Officer) Exam

Semiconductor device physics, PN junctions and transistors, circuit models and parameters, FET, Zener, tunnel, Schottky, photo diodes and their applications, rectifier circuits, voltage regulators and multipliers, switching behavior of diodes and transistors. These will be of a nature, which can be answered without special study by an educated person The syllabus for TTA: Air and Noise Pollution and Ecology. Jtto rain water disposal, system of sewage collection and disposal, Design of sewers and sewerages systems, pumping, Characteristic of sewage and its treatment, Disposal of products of sewage treatment, stream flow rejuvenation, Institutional and industrial sewage management, plumbing bnl, Rural and semi-urban sanitation.


Sources of supply, yield, design of intakes and conductors, Estimation of demand, Water quality standards, Control of water born diseases.

Syllabus for JTO Exam? Thanks a lot in advance.

The detailed syllabus is provided section wise Section 1 and Section 2 in below word document. Digital Electronics Circuits 3. Magnetic Circuits – Analysis and Design of Power transformers.

BSNL JTO Syllabus Pdf | Bsnl JTO Exam Pattern |

General ability test The candidate’s comprehension and understanding of General English shall be tested thorough simple exercises such as provision of antonyms and synonyms, fill in the blanks and multiple choice exercise etc. About us Contact slylabus Advertise Terms and conditions. TECH “information tech” 6th sem. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Transducers; Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, humidity etc.

Transducers and their applications to the measurement of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, flow-rate displacement, acceleration, and noise level etc. Applications of Microprocessors in Telecommunications and power system.