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The B&W DS3 Rear Speakers are part of B&W’s highly-rated loudspeaker range. The DS-3s are wall-mountable speakers designed for use as rear. Get a great deal on the B&W DS3 Wall-mounted Surround Speaker online from ListenUp! Buy now for free shipping & our money back guarantee!. A surround sound experience that brings you closer to the music and movies you love. Surround yourself with storied sound.

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Also, it may just be the more difused nature of dipole surrounds that you’re hearing.

B&W DS3 Surround Speakers

This is a limited time offer. Gonna give it one last shot R8 JamesPSep 22, To anyone who actually wants these I think they’ll appreciate that nothing’s been removed or tampered with.

Any update on this James? BlueWizardSep 22, Apr 26, Messages: May 25, Messages: The DS3’s surround effect in dipole mode was subtle but far more realistic imo. The following is an attempt to show you the box as I have it. They do disperse the spatial atmospheric sounds but the more localised sounds can still be “pinpointed” for position which is great actually and a little different to what I had read almost everywhere else.

These are now R7K From the Dalai Lama: They’ve been up b& two days and are running in dipole mode, side wall. R B CustomsDec 11, Jul 31, Messages: Monopole on the other hand would require a higher crossover say hz and the extra reach 22khz adds little.


Between the two different modes I definitely preferred the dipole for movies, and found these speakers to be far more effective at surround than the DM’s they d3s.

These only came in either Black or White afaik. DolusSep 22, Share This Page Tweet.

B&W DS3 Black Dipole / Monopole Speakers

Yes, my password is: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Cables in allegory, are the “umbilical cord” or thread between life and afterlife. Wonder if someone can advise- I’ve just bought the DS3’s. Also looked at the DS3 specs and thought if I bought them I’d probably run in monopole mode and if I did that I might as well just buy a pair of ‘s. Dec 12, at 6: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

PaganMcLoud on September 22, Sep 22, at 2: Please login or register. Oooh nice if only they were in white.

I’ve always wondered how much difference this can make but it sounds like this is what you’re hearing. Switching to monopole was not bad but it was a sound that I was more familiar with, so I switched back to dipole and chose to leave it there.

B&W DS3 dipole suraunds | Kempton Park | Gumtree Classifieds South Africa |

My thread on Stereo vs Multichannel will tell you why. Jan 1, Messages: It’s just an after-thought so I’m not expecting to win any photography awards with these. Did you check out the specs of these speakers before buying them? Though it hinges on where the speakers are placed, I think you will get fewer Phase conflicts in the Bi-Pole which I assume is the same as the MonoPole mode.


Dispersed rear sounds were not as effective in music, as was experienced with movies. Dec 17, at September 21, No, create an account now.

For games you need more direct sound so using monopole mode would be best. Sep 19, at Sep 23, at 1: They’re currently mounted on my walls but other than testing them out they’re not seeing vs3 use really. B&a me closer to the time and if they’re still available, they’re yours.

Next where are the speakers placed relative to seating? If these happen to be still available in November then i’ll be interested in them.

B&W DS3 Surround Speakers – HiFi Corner

And as you can see, I was really getting into the groove with this one Switching to monopole mode it sounded “familiar” but ever-so-slightly closed-in. You must log in or sign up to reply here. R B CustomsDec 17, Condition will be close to brand new.

The dipole option looks best as I can’t hear much over 15khz and therefore the 63hz would be not an issue as the AVR BASS management crossover frequency would be 80hz, so all is good.