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Completely scanned Champions of Krynn set for Commodore 64 – including package and manual!. Champions of Krynn – Manual. INTRODUCTION: CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN begins after the war of the lance. The evil armies have been shattered and most of. Champions of Krynn The first game in the trilogy is Champinos of Krynn. You can find the answers to them in the Journal, which is also the manual to the.

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Thieves receive a 10 percent experience benefit if their dex- terity is 16 chammpions higher. Messengers the Death Knight dispatched escape and head for Kernen.

Manuals/Documents for Champions of Krynn

When a spell -caster char- acter is on auto, you may toggle Ills spell casting on and off. He is the traitor.

Simplest thing in the world, Now, who’ll place a small wager of saaay, 3 steel manuwl DONE is used to bring up the secondary combat menu. Tire combat icon may be altered during the game to reflect new armorer weapons using the ALTER command from kryn Encampment Menu, On some computer systems the character will be saved after Lite combat icon is finished.

Select the spell to cast and then indicate the target of the spell. Encamp The commands on tine Encamp Menu include day-to-day functions such as saving the game, resting to heal, memorizing spells and changing game items such as game speed or party order. I was walking past the old building by the graveyard, you know, flic one with no 48 door on kf side, anti I was hit by an incredibly cold wind, You know how warm it was yesterday.

Are you willing to go with me! In combat the computer chooses the active character.

The work of patrolling, and the tike, fails almost entirely on ordinary folk, such as ourselves. Wretched individuals and families carry what possessions they can on their backs or on small pushcarts and wheelbarrows, They all scan the sky with fear?


Choose the character to train and if he lias sufficient XF he will be able to advance one level. We will attempt to contact them again but don’t count on having their,: Striking first north, east, and then south, Ihe armies of evil dragons, fell draco- mans, and all manner of other evil beings quickly overran the unprepared manuall the unsuspecting.

These creatures cnampions provide large amounts of experience points, but can also kill party members outright.

If the target saves, it is not paralyzed, but is nauseous and has its AC reduced for 2 rounds. Select the active character and then choose a conversation tactic from the parlay menu.

But the very first thing you need to do, it to create your party. champios

Champions of Krynn – Manual

Tor example, halve would turn one bundle of 42 Arrows into two groups of 21 Arrows eachThis is handy for dividing items to distribute among party members.

If the character’s HP drop to anything from -1 to – 9, he will lose I HF per pf from bleeding until he is bandaged or dies, A character is dead if he has HP or less. May f suggest that we send them on their way? Upon returning to the central outpost the party learns of Sir Karls kidnapping. They are nearly immune to sleep and charm spells and are adept at finding hidden doors.

Qualinesti elves can be fighters, rangers, mages, thieves, clerics and mixed classes, Half Elves are hybrids with many of the virtues of both humans and elves.

Many are also proficient in the use of magic. For fighters, rangersand split class fi ghters: When indoors, the only safe area on the screen at the time you target the spells are the squares in each comer of the screen and the squares directly above and below these corner squares. If the spell cast- er had started to cast and was hit, cbampions will lose that spell from memory, Therefore, try to injure all enemy spell casters every round even If it is only for one point of damage.

Going to Jelek to obtain a silver rose you discover another city under evil control. This command is not available on some computers. MEMORIZE displays the Memorize menu, character’s chamlions of spells or clerical spell list, and how many spells can be memorized from the dhampions of the spell castor. To move on the overland map, move the cursor with the directional controls 6 along the path the party is to follow.


Hard to concentrate, There are slaves down there, They must be freed from this evil place His was the only body left behind, You don’t want to know what condition they left him in, Evidently they wanted to leave a warning to anyone who comes after him.

With many encounters special menus will appear. Mountain dwarves may be fighters, thieves, clerics of Reorx, or mixed classes, Silvanestl Elves High Elves are a tall, arrogant and long-lived race. During corn bat the active character is sur- rounded with a cursor at the start of his phase, In combat the active character fa chosen automatically according to the character’s initiative and random factors.

Gender affects the character’s maximum strength. Indicate the type then number of items the active character takes. Knights must take a vow of poverty and so they tithe a large part of their monies and treasures back to the orders.

Fourth Level Mage Spells. The power of the magic on these items may vary a great deal. Choose the area command from the adventure menu to see the position of major obstructions such as walls, trees, and water. Champions of Krynn uses four different points of view: The numbers and types of monsters that you will encounter are affected by where you are on the map.

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