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It is also the title LEGO chooses to use for manuals that come with The category:Techniques forms the start of an online constructopedia in. Lego MindStorms RoboSports Constructopedia Manual [Lego] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ROBOTICS INVENTION SYSTEM CONSTRUCTOPEDIA [LEGO] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Directions – step by step for the.

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Constructopedia – Brickwiki

The book was eventually stolen back by Brikman, who had his mind altered by Darth Vader’s force powers. The Infomaniac kept guard off it inside the Information Center while a squad of Brickster-Bots attacked him, trying to take the book.

Ata sent a message via the Radio Station to all the radios still working across the island, requesting assistance. Sign In Don’t have an account?

However, if a page is utterly destroyed, such as when Brickster-Bot General Alpha Rex destroyed the Super 2 Superstore’s page or when the Mutant Dinos destroyed the pages, the bricks are suspended in the Torn World forever.

The Constructopedia would spend the remainder of the Dino Attack in Antarctica, under the Infomaniac’s care. One of its side effects is if a page is ripped out, the building listed on the page will deconstruct and the bricks will go to the Torn World.

He burnt the jail door of its hinges and stole the Police Helicopter nearby and flew to the Information Center.


However, when pages are torn out, they are sent to constructooedia alternate dimension, the Torn World, which is believed to be an infinite space where all bricks deconstructed from torn Constructopedia pages go. Only this time, he only ripped out 2 every day until the end of the GRC.


It was, at one point, only used to constructoprdia instructions to the buildings. David Norman, and Semick headed to Antarctica to decide what to do with the book. He eavesdropped on a conservation between Nick Brick and the Infomaniac, where the latter mentioned the Constructopedia.

The Constructopedia was given to Rex, who used it as bait to lure the Brickspider Bot to him. Dino Attack Agent Ata was the one to find the book in the Radio Station, but was wounded consructopedia the Mutant Dinos and was trapped in the rubble of the building.

Pepper delivered the final chili he needed for his fiery breath. The Brickster used the book to rip apart buildings, threatening the citizens. To prevent the discover of Dr.

The Constructopedia and Power Brick were constructopediq to their rightful places in the Information Center once the Alliance won the war. It was eventually deactivated by Pepper Roni, after he had defeated the Brickster. The Brickster was eventually defeated and the Information Center was rebuilt. When he picked it up, the Infomaniac gave the book a title. There, the Brickster stole the Constructopedia while the Infomaniac was sleeping.

He called it the “Building Book. Not much is actually known about the book except for that if the pages are ripped out, the buildings deconstruct. Inferno’s henchmen couldn’t steal it. One hybrid took off the Brickspider Bot’s head, helping Reptile recover the Baseplate page. During the Second Brickster Warhowever, the Brickster never tore out any pages to the book, though he threatened to many times.


Constructopedia | LEGO Island Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

However, his plan was put on hold construcotpedia he was about to start writing in as World War II was sparking in Europe. On December 31st, the Infomaniac officially announced the Constructopedia’s existance.

On December 27th,four days before the publishing, the Infomaniac changed the title of the book to the Constructopedia. There is currently only own copy, that sits in the Information Center.

Then, carried by Alpha Rex, flew to Castle Island and broke the the bridge connecting the Lion’s Kingdom and the Bull’s Kingdom and threw a page into the water. Retrieved from ” http: Rex ‘ secret laboratory hidden within the cave. Semick grabbed the book and quickly went out of sight as the Brickspider Bot began throwing agents off of their walkway built out of 1×1 bricks, trying to capture the former Power Miner.

The Brickster then headed to Adventurers’ Island and hide a page in a tomb in the Desert.