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Curtis “Cocky” Warren is a category A prisoner, defined as someone “whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public, or the police or. Curtis Warren (right) is, by some distance, Britain’s most notorious of his nickname – Cocky – which he acquired because of his swaggering. Curtis “Cocky” Warren was one of Britains biggest and richest drugtrafickers. Worth an estimated million British pounds. Unlike most other.

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When I ask him to dispel one of the many myths about him, he chooses to claim that he has never mugged a woman.

For whatever reason he kept on going, setting up more and more drugdeals and making more and more money. Asked whether he thinks there is a bounty on his head, he immediately says cocyk Warren grew up in the Granby district of Toxteth. Evading the punch, a short fight ensued, during which Guclu fell to the ground, and Warren kicked him in the head 4 times, Guclu got up and again went for Warren and was again punched to the ground.

It happens with boxers in the ring. Retrieved 17 March Because when they’ve finished with Curtis Warren, what do they do with other people? Explosions at huge tower block blaze The blaze broke out at the Strachan and Henshaw Building in Fishponds, Bristol – known locally as The Office which holds parties for swingers.

After Crtis has entered the room, wearing a boxfresh Hugo Boss polo shirt, tracksuit bottoms and pristine cocoy, he has to put on a bright red seatbelt-like harness.

It was claimed he sneered at police as he left the courtroom with the arrogant taunt: Loading comments… Trouble wagren They had made a deal that the coke would be shipped in steel boxes sealed inside lead ingots, this way they could not X ray the shipment and opening it up would take a lot of effort.


It all happened on the afternoon of September 15, when Warren was walking around the prison yard.

British Boss: Curtis Warren – Gangsters Inc. –

But with the combination of various ritual killings of several organised crime figures, and the police after him in light of a high-profile case failure, he decided he had to move.

Unhelpfully for the prosecution, it emerged during the trial that Warren’s co-defendant and business partner, Brian Charrington currently in jail on remand in Spainwarrdn a high-level police informer.

Which brings me to the obvious question: There are plenty of people in Britain with grudges against Warren, who is suspected of involvement in a number of gangland murders.

InWarren relocated to a villa in Sassenheim in the Netherlands.

British Boss: Curtis Warren

Wouldn’t decriminalisation solve the problem of kids robbing in order to score? If it’s true, write it all day, but if it’s not true, don’t print it. His every move was watched, every possible conversation bugged.

Jowitt insists he did not read the witness statements but merely served them and denies any misconduct. So if I’m attacked in cyrtis jail by a guy who has killed 16 or 17 people and he ends up dead in that attack, not by stabbing him or hitting him on the head with a hammer or cutting his throat, but basically a fight gone wrong, then I’m dangerous?

Not that it mattered, Warren talked in code.

Unlike most other drugtraffickers or criminals Warren is a highly intelligent force. I would have loved to have done that. And, according to prosecutors, possibly arranging yet more drug deals from seven illegal mobiles smuggled in to his jail cell.


Warren was sentenced to 12 years in jail, in the maximum security Nieuw Vosseveld prison in Vught. The Toxeth-born former bouncer has kept himself busy bringing and losing numerous legal challenges and appeals — over the mysterious removal of a juror from his trial nobbled by the police, said Warren, while the prosecution accused him of doing the nobblingand various alleged abuses of process.

Warren hates the government and the police. They disagree, firmly believing he wrongly walked free from a huge drugs trial in Newcastle in the early 90s, taking with him tens of millions of pounds and investing it in petrol stations, vineyards, football clubs and hotels. It has been accepted in court that the Jersey police illegally fitted a listening device to a car rented in France by one of his co-conspirators.

Curtis Warren

He receives guests in a room looking out on a bleak internal courtyard, separate from other prisoners and their visitors. With drugs at three times the street price in Jersey compared with the UK or France, after Warren returned to the Cuetis, Jersey Police created “Operation Koala,” monitoring and bugging various locations, including phone boxes and the home of Taffin’s girlfriend, Suzanne Scurr.

I ask him if he has any children — I have never heard of him having any.