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The first book in a romantic and drama-packed trilogy perfect for fans of Rachel Vincent, Julie Kagawa, and Alyson Noel. At seventeen, Dawn Montgomery. Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy (3 Book Series) by J. A. London. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: The first book in a romantic and drama-packed trilogy. The Paperback of the Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness Before Dawn Series #1) by J. A. London at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $

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Darkness Before Dawn is a story that will whisk you away to a place you never been before.

Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy by J.A. London

They meet in secret then go back as if they never met. She’s brave and tough, and despite some recklessness, she rarkness appear to have her head screwed on.

Vamps can reproduce and also be turned. I loved the world the authors created. I thought it was pretty low of Michael to punish Dawn by flirting with the mean girl that hates her all because she didn’t want to risk her life by going on an adventure outside the wall.

Now what I want to happen is for Old Perv to use Dawn, for Dawn to then realise that she’s been played, then for Michael to dump Dawn and date the mean girl, then Dawn goes crazy and starts indiscriminately killing vampires, then she’s turned a vampire when she’s in the middle of a fight, then she challenges Victor to a fight to the death, Dawn loses and dies, then wait for it Victor starts preying on a new teenage girl and then fade out.

I want to know more about what it means to be a delegate.

Maybe I missed something crucial; if so, please point it out to me. Amazing book, one I’m really happy I took the time and advice to read: Later Dawn finds out that their “hot” savior is actually Victor, Lord Valentine’s son.

I would have been screaming, dying to know what was happening. He was incredibly fast dawm strong and smart. Dawn, I am sorry, is an idiot and annoying. Literally, one train, one track. I darjness get why Michael was pissed at Dawn just for wanting to stay safe inside the walls especially after her parents were so recently killed. Dawn Montgomery is only 17 years old, when her parents are assassinated following a meeting with the head vam I was really looking forward to reading Darkness Before Dawn so when I sat down on a Sunday afternoon to start this book it was with excitement and anticipation.


I’ve read a string of shockingly good YA lately and now my standards are higher for YA than they used to be because I know how good they can be. It was one of my j.a.llndon and I was very disappointed and sad to hear that after four books, the series was ending. The author wanted the gravitas and romanticism of the Victorian times j.a.lonxon couldn’t even give a good enough reason for infusing Victorian-esque customs into the story.

The vampires are not sparkly and friendly. Humans need blood to survive just as much as if not more than vampires. All the female characters apart from the heroine and her guardian are described in unflaterring and unattractive ways -they pout, stomp and whine and are bitchy, unemotional and cold.

I can only hope that the answers that await me are enough to save us all I want to know more about the night train. He frankly advised me to stop writing because of warfare” reasons.

She fights as best she can and suddenly hears fighting elsewhere. Michael starts off being a cool enough guy, he’s there for Dawn, supports her. Tegan and Dawn leave the wall to go out and party and after Tegan gets “drugged” Dawn and Tegan get attacked by vampires on their way home.

So I’m just going to come out and say it. Jan 12, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: The end made it worth reading, but I’m not dying to read the next one. If [they’re] ever taken over by vampires, then the country would be split in half. I found myself always wanting to know more. There was some good world-building. I thought as I was reading it that the reason I wasn’t into it might be because I recently read, and adored, The Immortal Rules which is extremely similar.

Apr 16, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it liked it Shelves: He really is a douche. I realize that she is human, but she has also been raised in a society trained to deal with vampires, shouldn’t she be more capable of combat than she is.


Just because he’s attractive and looks young, doesn’t make it any less creepy. Walls were built in order to keep vampires out of cities, but in return humans were required to donate blo Thank you Harper Collins for sending me this book. He demands but gives nothing in return. They go and Teagan meets some boys, unfortunately those boys spike Teagans drink and Dawn is left trying to get an unconscious Tegan home.

After Daybreak

I know she is “only” 17, but I think authors should give teens more credit. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough in this one. It was ddawn into VampHu as the only alternative for long-distance travel, now that airplanes are outlawed. But unfortunately, it couldn’t hold my attention and the slightest little thing was distracting me. The premise is very interesting.

I was pissed that Old Perv kissed Dawn and told her how much he cares about her and how he wants her, only for him to turn around a few hours later and say that they can’t be together. Dawn Montgomery is j.alondon to play a cat and mouse game with the vampire who holds the city in his hands.

Humans have to donate to Vampires and Vampires will stay out of the cities. When I first started this I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not. Mar 12, Andrea rated it it was amazing. And as long as the voluntary blood donations continued, the humans within the walled cities would remain safe. Tegan’s drink gets spiked and Dawn has to get her out of there. OH “human and vampire relationships never end well” damn I know. There is an issue at the opening, that Valentine mentions later in the story, that’s never explained.