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In the introduction to his new book, “Destiny Disrupted,” San Francisco author Tamim Ansary tells a story about meeting illustrious British. Destiny Disrupted is not an academic history of the Islamic culture through the ages and Tamim Ansary doesn’t pretend to be to be Islamic Scholar. What Destiny. I’ve been wanting to read this book since around Forget, for a moment, that it wasn’t written until , and I only came across it at a.

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Destiny Disrupted offers a vital perspective on world conflicts many now find so puzzling. Beliau telah membesar dengan terus membaca dan membaca karya sejarah dan seterusnya tumbuh membesar menjadi pencinta sejarah yang sejati. Intinya, itu adalah runutan panjang dari hukum kausalitas yang tidak melihat variabel sebatas a dan b, tapi juga dampak panjang.

Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes – Tamim Ansary – Google Books

They were annoying, like a swarm of mosquitos. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Destiny Disrupted tells the history of the world from the Islamic point of view, and restores the centrality of the Muslim perspective, ignored for a thousand years. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: It is extremely well written, being accessible to novices and informative to the more well-read. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Ansary’s writing style makes difficult topics and concepts understandable in every day common language.

He clarifies why two great civilizations-Western and Muslim-grew up oblivious to each other, what happened when they intersected, and how the Islamic world was affected by its slow recognition that Europe-a place it long perceived as primitive-had somehow hijacked destiny. Thus, when we look at the same current event, we see the causes for this event to be two totally different things.

Of course, any reader with a more detailed, prior knowledge of the region and its religion reserves the right to knock his story down and tell me everything the author got wrong.

I’ve been recommending this book to everyone Tamimm know. Tetapi, buku ini boleh menyebabkan orang Barat yang mungkin tidak begitu mengenali Islam dan sejarahnya akan lebih mengenali Islam dan orang Islam sendiri akan menemukan kembali identiti mereka dalam sejarah dunia yang mungkin selama ini banyak ansarj.


This book helped me to understand that. View all 9 comments. And even if that were not the case, it is the basis for one of the largest, most powerful and culturally rich empires in history, rivaling the Roman Empire. As he states in his introduction, his approach is less an academic tome and more a sestiny about just what the heck is going on over there with Islam.

Bahasanya mudah dan santai semacam membaca buku cerita. But the context I wanted was essentially a story. Good resources are hard to find and often conflicting. Jul 27, John rated it really liked it Shelves: If you don’t mind having numerous historical errors in your histories You will be truly educated about fourteen centuries of history spanning a huge chunk of the world.

Termasuklah juga tentang Persia Kuno yang saya kira sejarahnya sangat menarik. Having been born Indonesian and spent some time in Europe, makes me question a lot of things, djsrupted the insights of both culture, and from time to time trying to understand why Indonesians anssary maybe Indonesian muslims view the Western world as it is, and why the Europeans view the muslim world as it is. This is unfortunate, since a nuanced understanding of these leaders and the revolutions or coups that toppled them is, I would argue, more important to a useful understanding of the current tamm landscape than an emperor or imam of centuries past.

New schools of thought and law were developed in response to the Mongols that has resonance to this day. History is written by the victor. Tanpa menafikan buku ini juga ada kelemahan-kelemahannya yang tersendiri. Ansary then details the natural response to that from Islam as it has sought to take back its own destiny.

Dalam bercerita, Ansary mengambil perspektif dari kacamata umat Islam atau pihak yang diwakilinyamisalnya seperti cara pandang dunia Muslim terhadap “Perang Salib” Holy Crusade oleh asary Eropa. No, not the crusaders from Europe. Refresh and try again.

Destiny Disrupted : A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes

What I found fascinating was how the community absorbed and was changed by converts. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.


History books are frequently dry and factual, even when not written as textbooks, and when they’re not, they tend to reveal the author’s biases or axes to grind.

Anwary and discover other items: Louis Post-Dispatch”If you want to put today’s headlines about jihadist suicide bombings into the much larger context of history, you’d be well advised to settle in with Destiny Disrupted. Pelan-pelan, dunia mulai mengakui kontribusi umat Islam semenjak munculnya Nabi Muhammad hingga membentuk wajah dunia saat ini.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Of course, not all as you cannot generalize everyone from any specific group and put them in the same box.

Book Review: “Destiny Disrupted” by Tamim Ansary – Matt Luedke

Empires of the Silk Road: Destiny Disrupted is now the book that I will recommend, but with an important caveat. Saya masih hapal apa yang tertulis di diktat mengenai era klasik Greko, abad kegelapan, aufklarung, renaisans, revolusi Perancis, dan sebagainya.

Ujaran tentang kepakan kupu-kupu yang menuai badai adalah fondasi kuat filsafat chaos kaos yang marak di era modern. His new book Destiny Disrupted retells the history of the world through Islamic eyes. Tamim Ansary, however, sets out to tell the history of Islam through Islamic eyes, not as an apologetic for Islam that ignores its less edifying historical episodes and its troubled present, nor as a Westerner viewing Islam as, at best, an exotically misunderstood Oriental tradition, and at worst, the religion of sestiny and oppressed women in burkas.

It’s better understood as the friction generated by two mismatched world histories intersecting. Tamim Ansary, an Afghan-American, suggests that Islam and the West have for much of history existed in two parallel worlds, only disruptef intersecting until the violent last few decades.

This resentment led to occasional civil unrest.