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Dyrektywa Rady z dnia 24 września r. w sprawie oznaczania wartości odżywczej środków spożywczych (90//EWG). Dyrektywa Rady z dnia 90//EEC of 24 September on nutrition labelling for foodstuffs49 As .. do dyrektywy 90//EWG w sprawie oznaczania wartości odżywczej środków. Council Directive 90//EEC of 24 September on nutrition labelling for foodstuffs49 Dyrektywa Rady 90//EWG z dnia 24 września r. w sprawie.

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kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone – Translation into English – examples Polish | Reverso Context

Problemy Klimatologii Polarnej, 19, 33— A record if impact preserved in the lunar regolith. Traces of existence of various ethnic, national, religious groups are clear and vivid and may become the cyrektywa of an interesting offer for tourists. New forms of Urban tourism In Polish, English summary.

Due to the diversified land relief and presence of numerous gorge dissections intensively used by man largely for recreational purposes, Lublin is a valuable study area in terms of bioclimatology.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Geophysical Research Letters, 22, 21, — Present and past sedimentation cyrektywa in loess areas of the Lublin Upland E Poland. Boreas, 36, 3, — Angusamy N, Udayaganesan P. Interpraevent — Graz, Tagungspubl.


Distribution and development of gullies in Southern East Siberia Russia. Geologic map of the north side of dyrektyea Moon. Hettner Lectures 9Department of Geography. Der Fremdemerkehrswert einer Stadt. As far as different seasons of the year are concerned, the highest average pressure values were recorded in autumn and winter. The value of a physically based model versus an empirical approach in the prediction of ephemeral gully erosion for loess-derived soils.

Dynamika transportu fluwialnego jako odbicie funkcjonowania systemu zlewni. Geomorfologia Polski, tom 1.

nasycone kwasy tłuszczowe – Translation into English – examples Polish | Reverso Context

Colluvial and alluvial response to land use change in Midland England: Fluctuations of the Svalbard-Barents sea ice sheet during the last years. W rekonstrukcji rozwoju wykorzystano metody fotointerpretacyjne i kartowanie geomorfologiczno-geologiczne. Younger Dryas glaciers in western Spitsbergen: Terrestrial laser scanner to detect landslide displacement fields: Another factor affecting the location of settlements in NLP was also its close vicinity to the crops of the Rejowiec flint.

Their position refers in large part to dgrektywa pre-existing network of the protected areas. Revue de Geomorphologie Dynamique, 9, 73— Evidence from multivariate statistics. Ridge and Runnel Beach Morphodynamics: The proposed text presents a conceptual dyrektyws in the scope of swg of the key concepts in the light of the two dictionaries Britannica and Human Geography Dictionary and Anglo-Saxon publications about the future of geography.


It was noticed that some parameters of health state in the region deteriorated, especially in Lubelskie voivodeship, which results from synergy effects of socio-economic, medical and organizational nature.

Lunar impact history from 40ArAr dating of glass spherules.

Shortterm gully retreat rates over rolling hill areas in black soil of Northeast China, Catena, 71, — Chichester — New York, — LTN, D, 11, 93— Prace i Studia Geograficzne UW, 35, — At that time Chodelka was an anastomosing river.

Polish Polar Research, 29, 2, — Polar Research 22, — W czasach epoki kamienia, [in: Quaternary Research, 27, 1, 41— Chidambaram College, Tuticorin, India, — Lwowski Narodowy Uniwersytet im.

Translation of “nasycone kwasy tłuszczowe” in English

Sytuacja gospodarstw domowych w r. Measurements were performed using a mercury barometer located in the building at a height of Springs of the Lublin Upland and Roztocze Region. Erozja gleb i jej zapobieganie, Wyd.