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ESPDIC search results / serĉrezultoj

Several influential factors have to be taken into account when examining the social-psychological outcomes of martial arts practise. These findings suggest that in older adults, the practice of a martial art in general, rather than the practice of a particular type of martial artis the crucial thing. How does practise of internal Chinese martial arts influence postural reaction control? No studies reported injury severity. Military training programs are rigorous in nature and often purposefully delivered in environments combining high levels of both physical and mental stress.


Regular exercise is widely believed to be of benefit for the elderly. Program characteristics, individual characteristics fostered by them, the relationship between liberal and utilitarian learning, and the moral…. Full Text Available In light of the fact that Far-eastern martial arts have to be viewed as an inseparable part of the cultural traditions of China and Japan, their aesthetic character is tied to traditional cultural concepts which dominate these cultures, such as the concept of the unity of opposites, better known as yin and yang; the concept of the Road the Tao as a symbol of continuing self-improvement; the concept of Chi or Qui energy which permeates the cosmos as well as individual beings, etc.

While some studies report increased anti-social behavior as a result of martial arts involvement, other findings refer to a more positive social and personal development.

Filtype of three foot morphological variables were collected: The purpose of this study was to investigate trunk and knee strength in practitioners of hard-style martial arts. Psychogenic stress has a great destructive impact on health.

Finally, some strategies for working with children with ADHD will be offered. To systematically summarize the evidence for the effects of martial arts on health and fitness, to show the strengths of different types of martial artsand to get a more complete picture filehype the w of martial arts on health, and also to provide a basis for future research on martial arts as an exercise prescription in exercise therapy. Omohyoid muscle syndrome is a rare cause of an X-shaped bulging lateral neck mass that occurs on swallowing.


In the experiment, teaching methods and means of special psychological training in the martial arts.

martial arts program: Topics by

Although there are many different forms filetyppe martial arts practiced worldwide, certain styles have shown a potential for increased participation in competitive-type events. The aim of the present review is to provide, firstly, an overview of the major findings of studies concerning the social-psychological outcomes of martial arts practise.

A systematic electronic database search was conducted, and quality assessments applied the Effective Public Health Practice Project tool.

Martial arts participation and externalizing behavior in juveniles: The origin of the aesthetic elements in traditional forms of Far-eastern martial mitsu. The program revolves around a structured martial arts class designed to develop…. Full Text Available During the beginning of the XXth century, China suffered attacks from foreign powers causing the lost of parts of its territory as well as a challenge to its national pride.

Using an electromyogram EMGthe relationship between the variation of punch force and the variation of the electrical…. Both conditional and unconditional logistic regression models were used to assess kaat factors for injury.

Martial ArtsViolence, and Public Schools. Katw studies attempted to identify possible risk factors for acute and overuse injuries in several sports disciplines such as running, gymnastics or team sports.

These seven came home with thirteen medals, including seven golds! The effect of the 2 martial art conditions on executive function was not different. Text and photography were arranged to record these events for this article, showing how excellent organization and cooperation can introduce high-quality martial traditions to the giletype. One study provided data by professional status: This may be in an attempt to connect with fans and raise their profile among other fighters.

The program does, however, induce alterations in moral decision-making ability associated with the observed endocrine responses, even suggesting a potential interaction between one’s social identities and endocrine responses upon moral decision-making. A Perspective on Life in the Martial Arts. Falls to the side and those with impact on the hip are risky for hip fractures in the elderly. A total of MMA matches involving different fighters occurred during the study period.


The resulting hybrid dynamical system is composed of a higher module with discrete dynamics and a lower module with continuous dynamics. The purpose of this study fiketype to analyze the relationship between martial arts practice judo, karate and kung-fu and bone mineral density r adolescents.

ESPDIC search results / serĉrezultoj

Martial arts and psychological health. Waist-hip ratio was measured from the ratio of waist to hip circumferences. We utilized a repeated measures design with the order of the 3 exercise conditions randomly assigned and counterbalanced. The average time between the KO-strike and match stoppage was 3. However, when expressed relative to exposure, the injury rates hu girls are higher. Given the lack of scientific works focused on risk factors for lower limb injuries in martial artsthe present study was aimed to investigate foot anatomy, anthropometric measures, and other background information as possible risk factors of injury in barefoot athletes practicing judo, karate, kung fu, thai boxe, or aikido.

These concepts owe their existence and development first and foremost to the religious and philosophical systems ho shaped and influenced all segments of these two great cultures, and not just the martial tradition. Experiment 2 showed that older participants who had practiced a martial art at a competitive level when they were young were significantly faster than sedentary older adults of the same age.

We describe a rare case of non-contact knee dislocation with popliteal artery injury sustained while practising Aikido, a type of martial art. However, considering the importance of such effects, and the low costs of the intervention, the potential of beneficial health effects of age-adapted, hard martial arts filwtype, in people over 40, warrants further study.