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Player’s Guide to Eberron (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Eberron Supplement) [James Wyatt, Keith Baker, Luke Johnson, Steven Brown]. Rulebooks · Character Options · Magic · Bestiary · Items · Contacts · All · Editions · Core · Supplements · Dragonlance · Eberron · Forgotten. Player’s Guide to Eberron is a supplement to the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history.

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Members of the Deathguard are the most outgoing of Aerenal elves, with a great number of Aeren i adventurers arising from the group. T h e M o u r n l a n d is a vast, devastated na t i on r ipe for explo-ra t iona l though the condi t ions are qui te hosti le to l iving adventure rs.

But hey, excitement sells stories, so you’ll make the story as lurid as possible to make the sale. T playerw e c u r r e n t members of the house select their successors from among the most remarkable members of thei r l ine. An epic campaign set in Eber ron strays far afield from the way the campaign setting has been described previously, playera is certainly rife with in teres t ing opt ions.

If the character is capable of rebuking undead, her effec-tive cleric level for this ability is increased by 1. He has a gentle demeanor, even in battle; he feels pity for undead, not hatred.

Player’s Guide to Eberron – Wikipedia

The bonus is based on how well you know the person you are imitating. A check against buide DC is also sufficient to learn if a local sett lement hosts a changel ing communi ty and whether any notable recen t inc iden t s have occurred involving changel ings.

Individually, an undying councilor is a force to be reckoned with, but he doesn’ t have the power of a deity. Some of these a rche types are fairly gene r i c: U n f o r t u n a t e pplayers ymany innocents also died as a result of that inquisi t ion.

The spell keeps h im away from Dolurrh and allows necromancers to call on his wisdom in the future. The Church of the Silver Flame reveres a holy fire within the cathedral in Flamekeep, the capital of T h r a n e.


[D&D ] Eberron – Player’s Guide To

The better you know a specific individual, the more able you are to look and act just like that person. You spent your chi ldhood in arcane libraries, and this early education gives you a great breadth of knowledge. Epic Level Handbook also presents several aberrat ions that could accompany the daelkyr in a new invasion of Eber ronas well as the uvuu daum and creatures with the pseudonatural template.

The Forge of War: The order includes monks among its ranks, as well as paladins and clerics. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat The Priests of Transition hold a great respon-sibility. When your companions are talk-ing to the city watch, you stay in the back of the group or out of sight completely. The Council of Cardinals votes on which applications to approve. Retrieved from ” https: You are comfortable in rigid, well-defined s tructures of authority, as long as you know your place in them.

T h e Aeren i elves place t radi t ion above all else: For t housands upon thousands of years, war raged between the dragons and the i r couatl allies and the fiends of Khyber. An epic artificer’s craft reserve increases by 1, points per level beyond 20th 6, points at 21st level.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Followers offer their blood in praise of these immorta l champions who battle death on their behalf. You might be a younger child of a noble family ra ther than a dragonmarked house, or even a former rising star in a church hierarchy fleeing from the control-l ing influence of a rel igious mentor.

If you just want a general idea of how much your charac-ter knows about the material in an entry, assume your char-acter takes 10 on all appropriate Knowledge checks.

Never open a door when you can kick it in. T h i r t eberron e n High Cardinals form this councilconsisting of two delegates chosen from each egerron the four smaller groups of cardinals that govern the four great cities of T h r a n e Flamekeep, ThaliostGuixe, and Aruldusk and the s u r r o u n d i n g regions. But ever since the day when the Emerald Claw agents burst into your home looking for you, or you woke up and found yourself in a strange forest with a dragon saying you were par t of the Prophecy, or you manifested psionic or magical powers you never knew you hadever since then, this l ightning-ra i l ride of a life has been moving so quickly that you don’t know how plajers j u m p off and get things back to normal.


Now, how about the truth? Thanks to its control over one of the Five Nations and its significant presence in three others, it plaers exerted con-siderable influence over the shape of the modern world in the wake of the Last War.

And so eventually began the first war between the dragons and the fiends. O r maybe you’re fascinated with ancient ru insgreat monumentsor exotic cul tures.

The daelkyr statistics presented in the EBERRON Campaign Setting could be considered to depict a weak example of their kind, with paragon daelkyr using the paragon template from Epic Level Handbook a c t u a l l eberrin i n h a b i t i n g X o r i a t.

You might be hesitant to use anyth ing or go anywhere unti l you have properly researched it, or you might fuide in to do your research on-si te. Characters who serve the church as knights templar are part of a significant and vital world power.

Eberron Player’s Guide

Th i s research followed two paths: These commanders carry the fol-lowing titles: Although changelings have guife for centuries in virtually all parts of Khorvai reother humanoids remain wary of them. Military heroes usually become undy-ing soldiers. If you can also learn new abili-ties, acquire more treasure, and otherwise improve yourself along the way, that’s even better.