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The mobility of the Corsair Fleets allow the Eldar Corsairs a degree of and supplemental rules in the main codex, meaning you only need one book for each . Oct 25, 8th Edition hurt Corsair players, and I mean hurt as in a whole unit of D-Scythes to the face sort of hurt. Gone are the Coterie rules and their own. Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules.

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And unlike other forces, the eldar fighting along side the prince due so not out personal obligation to the home front, but freely follow the prince into danger out of loyalty and shared benefit. As a biker unit, a Warlock Skyrunner can also putter along and cast Conceal for a relatively reliable -2 modifier as well.

Many princes recognize ryles value of these knights and the devastation of their charges.

Farseers and Spiritseers are perfectly viable as well, and can take the Shiftshroud of Allansair for consistent -2 to hit modifiers can also take in conjunction with at Autarch and his Shimmerplume if you can spare the CP for it. There is currently elda way you can legally play detachment containing Corsairs, post-FAQ, and it’s not pretty. Seriously, nab some Warp Hunters. Lastly, their Heavy Weapon platforms can contribute a little bit of extra firepower with a bit more oomph than Ranger Long Rifles or Shuriken Catapults can provide.

Eldar Corsairs

Remember that you drop down during the Movement Phase so the vehicle has to sit still for a turn. If you like glass-cannon type of armies, which are able to blast anything to pieces in one volley of fire and avoid payback if used properly, but collapse into pieces after one mistake, Eldxr are your army.


Your other troop choices don’t necessarily gain anything from being in a Saim-Hann detachment, aside fielding squads of Guardian E,dar to camp objectives. Pick a friendly Farseer. Shadow Spectres are an obvious choice for lists allowing Forge World units. Up to three models may be equipped with specialized weaponry. Used at the start of your turn. Corsar surprised me was how they benefited from Soulburst. Lieutenants are the backbone of the corsair force.

Eldar Corsairs post FAQ : WarhammerCompetitive

Instead, roll a d6 after the unit that killed it has resolved all its attacks; corzair Avatar then comes back to life with that many wounds remaining. Any battle-forged Asuryani detachment can be chosen to become either a Windrider Host or Wraith Host at the cost of 1 CP, with all applicable units gaining the respective host keyword associated with them. Any model may purchase an additional rulez borer for 2 points.

Farseers are another no-brainer; though more expensive, they offer much appreciated psyker support that can more flexibly assist your army than a single Autarch can. Any of the three not part of a platform team may be equipped with a flamer at 6 points; fusion gun for 8 points; eldar powerfist for 10 points; or power weapon for 7 points.

Used whenever a friendly unit is chosen to fight in the fight ruless.

If you were planning on taking a Farseer as your HQ or Elxar, putting Eldrad in your list should be a priority. As the majority of Eldar units only carry one weapon type for the whole unit, with the only options to change usually being for Exarchs, the majority of weapon analysis will take place in the unit analysis itself for that relevant unit.

If you have the points to spare and are able to take a secondary detachment, consider just taking a Supreme Command detachment of Warlocks rather than cramming in a Conclave in your primary detachment. Also note, that you’re most likely going to be building your army around whatever the Prince chooses as his obsession, as for four of these options, you have to pay points for them.


How they compensate each other if at all is unknown. Note that this is the only way that Ynnari armies get to take relics, as they can never have a Craftworlds Warlord so don’t get the 1st “free” relic. The gyrinx cannot be taken by prince equipped a dragon mount or a jetbike as they find it difficult to latch onto the bike or keep up with the dragon. Fast Attack Choice Gules Having Fire Prisms shooting S12 AP-5 corsar twice each irrespective of line of sight or range re-rolling hits and wounds can absolutely devastate any vehicle from Rhinos to Imperial Knights.

Why are we assuming FW won’t do the same. Not much will be left standing after that. Karandras is the more ccorsair option, between his exploding attacks and buffing nearby Scorpions to do the same, they can take down key backline infantry or characters with relative ease. Zoats are highly sensitive to the hive mind and can feel the thoughts of nearby creatures. Alternatively, bring in Redemption Force on Turn 3, and have the Corsairs come in on Turn 2 and run around killing stuff, leaving the army crippled before the Deathwing come in and finish up.

Fast flying infantry that have powerful guns that can not only punch through MEQ and TEQ targets with relative ease, but also effortlessly burn through horde armies with impunity.