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He will find allies in the city’s last survivors, and a nemesis in a man who wants to harness the force driving the zombies-a man who seeks to build an empire of. A zombie series by author David Dunwoody. DD: Your novel MERCY was an incredibly emotional and visceral tale. What’s the backstory? TFD: I thank you for . EMPIRE: A ZOMBIE NOVEL. Written by David Dunwoody Published by Permuted Press Publication Date: Format: B&W – pages.

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It is his job to transport those from this life into the next, and the undead resist that. Recommended to fans of the genre!

Matthew Cely rated it liked it Dec 21, Permuted Press rated it it was amazing Sep 20, There is Sawbones, a twin blade wielding dog skull wearing zombie that slaughters and bags warm bloods that enter to close. The undead circus and the Omega could have been fleshed out more, and other elements like the British plane, the rat king, and the tentacle creature were just one and done.

The outbreak began in Each chapter was detailed and written well. Liked everything about it. Matt rated it really liked it Feb 17, The undead circus and the Omega could have been fleshed out more, and other elements like the British plane, This book was better than the first.

I love that Death adopts a little girl, sort of. America is losing the war against the walking corpses and continues to move all its citizens to more populated and secure areas. I loved this book. No trivia or quizzes yet. Apr 29, Timothy Schneider rated it it was amazing. I d Something was a little off with this novel.

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Empire’s End by David Dunwoody

Was not the usual Zombie book I was expecting but enjoyed reading it. However, I am left feeling that Empire, when all is said and done, is still an action horror with a fairly linear plot and felt like a bit of a prelude to the sequel rather than a solid entry on its own merit. It’s quite a cliche. It’s fair to say that the premise behind Empire is a little different to the usual zombie affair; zombie sharks, rats, dogs, birds; but the human zombies are the most interesting This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

The story is set in a city in Louisiana and features a dhnwoody of groups of people. Johnathon rated it it was amazing Nov 08, I’m sure you could guess how that UGH. Of course, Lily is just blossoming into a woman and begins to have ideas of her own, and it is she who will forge the link between Death and these disparate other characters as the story plays out.

The grim reaper is by far one of the most traditional symbols of death but tying him into this story was definitely interesting and unique amongst the zombie tales I have read over the past few years. Books by David Dunwoody. So as you ca 4. Dunwoody somehow manages to make Death a sympathetic character and his zombies are some of the scariest around.

Empire’s End

Thank you and good luck. Despite its potential, Empire is just too unfocused to really be an effective zombie novel.


To ask other readers questions about Empireplease sign up. There are some interesting ideas going on, but I found the whole thing a little bit confusing and I had dinwoody most of those good ideas somewhere before. The author seemed unable to decide whether he wanted the story to be: The Runwoody That Eats.

Having finally gotten around to finishing this book, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good read and a new and creative slant on the traditional zombie tale.

Carlos Rubio rated it liked it Oct 08, I’m definitely on board for Empire 2. Vanessa rated it really liked it Aug 08, Nov 20, Elizabeth Bennett rated it it was amazing.

Book Review: Empire – A Zombie Novel – Author David Dunwoody | HNN

The undead, born of an otherworldly energy fused with a deadly virus, have no natural enemies. It spent more time with Death a. Dunwoody tends to jump around between different character groups, which was a bit disconcerting early on, and the fact that some minor characters tend to come and go rather quickly made it even harder to keep some of them straight in my mind.

Oh yeah, and death – the Grim Reaper himself – is walking the Earth, bringing final release to all the walking dead he encounters.