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EN 12952-7 PDF

Buy UNI EN Water-Tube Boilers And Auxiliary Installations – Part 7 : Requirements For Equipment For The Boiler from SAI Global. Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations – Part 7: Requirements for equipment for the boiler; German version EN BS EN Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations. Requirements for equipment for the boiler. standard by British-Adopted.

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Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations – Part Water-tube boilers and 1292-7 installations – Part 8: Water-tube boilers 1292-7 auxiliary installations – Part 4: Each hot water generator shall be provided with a pressure limiter to cut off and lock out the heat supply system if the maximum allowable working pressure is exceeded.

The de- sign of this limiter shall permit functional testing under all operating conditions. This part of the European Standard defines the requirements for equipment for steam boilers and hot water generators as defined in ENwherein steam or hot water will be generated.

Amendments issued since publication Amd.

The European Standard EN concerning water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations consists of the following Parts: The shut-off devices in the connecting lines of limiters shall permit operation 19252-7 the heat supply system in the open position only lock-out.

In the case of temperature deviations which can endanger the hot water generator or the hot water generating system, the heat supply and the water supply to wn hot water generator shall be cut off and locked out automatically.

SRPS EN 12952-7:2010

All safety accessories shall fulfil the requirements in modules B and D; g Pressure generation devices in the case of hot water plants with external pressure generation. One hand hole each shall be provided near the header ends or in the front faces. In addition, a temperature indicator shall be provided in each flowline downstream of the expansion vessel or in a collecting line, if any. Where required, the low water condition may be tested by simulation.


Information on standards BSI provides a wide range of information on national, European and international standards through its Library and its Technical Help to Exporters Service. Requirements for limiting devices of the boiler and accessories.

BS EN 12952-7:2012

Drain lines shall discharge to a safe position. If water level indicators are connected by means of common connecting lines or if the water-side connecting tubes are longer than mm, the water-side connecting tubes shall have an inside diame- ter of at least 40 mm. For boilers fitted with water level limiter, the time delay shall not exceed the time for the water level to fall from the lowest controlled water level to LWL at MCR: Pressure gauges shall comply with the requirements of EN The requirement for additional make-up water shall be taken into consideration when specifying the capacity of the feedwater supply device see 6.

For solid fuel firing systems, e. Where only mechanical water level limiters e. It is incorporated by Royal Charter.

EVS-EN – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

It presents the UK view on standards in Europe and at the international level. In the case of hot fn generators with quick-adjusting heat supply systems this value may be mm. Full draining shall be only used when necessary. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. Short-time delay of the aforementioned device by a time element is permitted.


Workmanship and construction of pressure parts of the boiler. Impulse tubes to transmitters can have a 12952- inside diameter. It shall always be possi- ble for the boiler operator to read the pressure gauge. Buying standards Orders for all BSI, international and foreign standards publications should be addressed to Customer Services.

The bodies of the shut-off devices are considered to be within these limits 3. A single once-through steam boiler in which the heat supply is cut off automatically in the case of feedwater failure, requires neither a shut-off device nor protection device against backflow if the 1292-7 pump is of the positive displacement type where it can be ensured that no dangerous backflow can occur.

Date Comments Li ce 12952-77 ed C op y: An indication of the limit values for safety-relevant water levels is sufficient. Cut-off and lock-out of the heat supply system by actuation of the shut-off devices at the control lines may be delayed by means of a time element, in accordance with 4. The two temperature limiters may be replaced by an additional pressure limiter; b The expansion vessel shall be provided with two safety devices to cut off and lock out the heat supply and the circulating pumps when the water level sinks below the fixed lowest 1295-7 level water level limiters ; Li ce ns ed C op em Related international standards This standard is identical to: