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Never before has the quest to balance the needs of people, the environment, and the economy been so important. While sustainability has. The Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Carbon. Capture and Storage. Paul E. Hardisty 1,2,*, Mayuran Sivapalan 3 and Peter. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Hardisty, Paul E; Format: Book; xxi, p.: ill. ; 25 cm.

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Environmental and Economic Sustainability – CRC Press Book

For this facility, the analysis reveals that the environmentally, socially and economically optimum approach would be to implement Case 8 best-in-class energy efficiency design across the facility and Case 1 CCS of CO 2 contained in the reservoir gaseither alone or in combination.

The overall life-cycle environmental, social economkc economic sustainability of CCS is examined through considering three different applications: Table 3 exhibits one of the ironies of CCS in this application: Capturing and geo-sequestering CO 2 entrained in natural sustainabiity can be economic and sustainable at relatively low carbon prices, and in many jurisdictions makes financial sense for operators to deploy now, if suitable secure disposal reservoirs are available close by.

Based on more than fifteen years of research and practice, Environmental and Economic Sustainability introduces the environmental and economic sustainability assessment EESAa new way to make decisions that meets the challenges of the 21 st century. Nevertheless, there continues to be significant public opposition and concern about the risks associated with long term CO 2 leakage from storage sites [ 10 ].

Mitigation of Climate Change.

Paul E Hardisty

A wide range of currently available capture technologies was considered. Nor does it care about public opinion.


Approximately 1 Mtpa of CO 2 is separated from produced gas and injected into a saline aquifer above the hydrocarbon reservoir zones. In addition, the wider external costs susgainability benefits must be taken into consideration if the real value, and therefore the environmental and economic sustainability, of the action is to be understood. Published online May 9.

National Academy of Sciences. As shown, the capture ready case value is highly dependent on carbon price and the timing of the retrofit. On this basis, there is now significant agreement among policymakers in many countries that carbon capture and geo-sequestration CCS has a vital role to play in the overall efforts to reduce GHG emissions worldwide. The monoethanolamine system puts a significant additional energy demand on the plant.

Can I get a copy? Such analysis reveals that all CCS is not created equal. This is before the financial and social costs of sequestration are included. The value of this benefit is expressed as the social cost of carbon, or the real value of the damage caused to society by each additional tonne of GHG emitted to the atmosphere.

Rohlfs W, E.hardishy R.

Environmental and Economic Sustainability – Paul E. Hardisty – Google Books

Since Aprilaround 0. Please review our privacy policy. Recent reviews have shown that the cost of CCS for CO 2 entrained in the raw reservoir gas is low compared to other applications.

Proper sequestration site selection, design and monitoring can significantly reduce the risk of leakage and the severity of impact should leakage occur [ 17 ]. However, our global economic system is not set up to either measure or reward firms or individual countries for acting in the common good.

Transport and Storage A permitted and available geo-sequestration site was assumed to exist approximately km from the power station. As shown, the capital expenditure associated with each case varies considerably. Collection delivery service resumes on Wednesday 2 January The basic technology is mature and robust.


Environmental and Economic Sustainability

Commonwealth of Australia; Canberra, Australia: For sensitivity analysis, high and low ranges are also provided for each key parameter. We know what the right thing to do is, but somehow we cannot make the changes that are needed, and so we continue with business as usual, producing business-as-usual results.

Any of these eventualities could generate significant external social and environmental costs. As shown above, Case 2 is the best of the CCS retrofit options.

By varying key input parameters over a wide but reasonable range, the implications of a range of possible futures can be examined. Further insight can be had from examining narrower ranges of future possible conditions. Pipeline is the established method for moving large volumes of CO 2 over long distances. Base Condition Results The results of the base assessment are presented in Figure 2with net present values NPVs for each option compared to the reference case.

Never before has the quest to balance the needs of people, the environment, and the economy been so important.

Assumptions for key parameters. Costs and benefits of acting to mitigate climate change. CCS has been widely identified as a significant potential contributor to global strategies aimed at reducing emissions of GHG to the atmosphere.