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FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Button Control” Tutorial. Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users. FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Voice Control” Tutorial Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users make . Just to be sure: For flows, checklists, etc I can use the manual for the Airbus X #pageid.

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Using FS2Crew without the manual will take some time, but learning every part of it is worth the effort.

FSX FS2Crew NGX 737 PMDG Mini Tutorial

If you do get into problems or need further advice, there is a user fs2cerw at the FS2Crew site, where responses to issues and questions are prompt. You then tell the Company Office that you are ready to load passengers. Once landed, there’s more work to do cleaning up the aircraft on the way to the parking spot, and then shutting everything down.

You can always start again or skip the checklist item.

Fs2Crew would suit it very well, because of the complexity of its full procedures, and having a virtual copilot would take some of the stress out of periods of heavy workload.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can place it where ever you like. Shortly after, your FO passes you the Takeoff Data Card, with the real weather conditions, and takeoff speeds that you need to “bug” onto the Airspeed Indicator.

It is also important to “keep ahead” of the whole process, not to delay running checklists or other important steps, otherwise it is possible for both FS2Crew and pilots to become confused and disorientated; however this is normally an “early flights” issue and not one that an experienced user will encounter. But for those who enjoy the full cockpit management experience, with all the procedures, routines, checklists and interactions, it doesn’t get any better than this, they will be in seventh heaven.

Shortly after, you are passed the Load Sheet. You’ll also be doing the Final Cockpit Preparation Checklist at this time. Scoring this product is relatively simple.


No need to worry about that. Flying a complex aircraft can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Once it has dealt with the setup requirements, its format is more like a “first-flight tutorial” than a regular manual. USing a complex aircraft forces you to study how to use everything and where to find all the systems in the cockpit. Where there are real values to be read back by either party, FS2Crew inserts these into the dialogue. Just scroll through the options with the arrows next to the display.

Already have an account? And when you like coffee or lunch, just ask the crew and they will serve it to you. Register a new account. My first flight with this product was like one of those nightmare days at work where you’re trying to understand some manual, and people keep ringing you up, giving you things to sign, and generally pestering you; I fell behind the whole sequence, pressed the wrong buttons at the wrong time, and got the whole thing in a complete twist.

If you want to know how long you have to departure, all you need to do is look at the captain’s watch, that’ll tell you. There is a steep learning curve, but when that has been surmounted, the virtual pilot has a very competent and hard-working virtual co-pilot to help him with the high workload.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. When you push the button on your controller or keyboard you assigned to control FS2Crew the program will start and will appear at the top of your screen. Now things really get really busy. The manual gives several voice commands to get through it while making mistakes.

It’s a very busy time for both pilots, but the sequence of activities can be managed manial simple keystrokes, once you know what to expect and what’s going to happen each time, and this does take some practice.

Following rotation, there is the gear to be lifted, flaps to be raised, autopilot to be set, power management, lights fs2ctew bleeds to be set. All good aircraft deserve a version of FS2Crew, and I just hope that he can maintain this progress with all those excellent products that are now appearing. As I say repeatedly, it does require a lot of effort up-front to learn it, to learn who is going to be doing what and when.

  DA 1351-2 PDF

The display will give you a notification when an update is available. Just to be sure: Like all such checklists, you respond to your FO by pressing one of two keys that you’ve already assigned in advance.

FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Q Voice control – Simreviews

This ATR version, with its many enhancements, its seamless integration with the aircraft itself, and its greatly-refined user interface, means that it has just vaulted over its own same bar, and this new score is extremely well-deserved! And last but not least, there is your Flying Officer, who works most of the switches, runs through the checklists with you, and points out when you do something wrong. February 29, February 29, Rene 0 Comments. So that’s FS2Crew for a flight from start-to-finish.

FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Voice control

Documentation consists of a page manual. Installing the software is easy, but getting the voice recognition to work takes some effort. However it is important to set it up correctly in the first place and to follow the instructions for loading the ATR aircraft.

But this is the only problem I encountered. Share on LinkedIn Share. As I said earlier, it takes some practice to stay ahead of events, but if you’ve got this far without a nervous breakdown, it does get easier thereafter. Installing is easy and getting started with voice recognition is made easy by the extended manual.

Now you’re ready for fs2frew.

FS2Crew comes with a msnual marshaller to give you hand signals. And for people who have tried the Flight 1 ATR, but perhaps found it too complex, here is a way to get someone into the right-hand-seat to help you out with the chores, and maybe you’ll re-discover the joys of this beautiful aircraft. There is an optional Flight 1 Downloader Tool available that is useful if you get broken downloads from a bad connection.