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GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents contains every Talent that effect skills published for GURPS as of July The Power Talents which affect the use of. GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents · GURPS (4th Edition). Nickname. PDF version. Version Publisher. Steve Jackson Games. Alternate Names. Year Published. along the stinky stream, past the giant billboard for Dr Humayun’s Hair Transplant . O Malalai I am Malala: The Story o Growing Up Spiritually By Kenneth E.

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The organization is mostly sensible, though having the catalog of talents in the middle of the book leads to some mechanics in the final chapter hurps referenced early, and I think that might have been prevented with a slightly different organization.

Sean Punch 28 pages.

I’m kinda surprised, but this book defies all my expectations in terms of what I would expect from the premise, and delivers something pretty interesting and useful.

The illustration quality is fine, but a little anachronistic; this might be because the book is a bit of a “greatest hits” compilation so the art probably comes from several previous releases, though it is appropriate and doesn’t feel like lazy recycling. The one annoyance I have here is that the entries refer to two mechanics that aren’t even introduced until the next chapter: Check out GURPS Powers for everything you need to create every kind of amazing, off-the-chart superhero you can imagine.

This chapter talks to ways to make talents more powerful, more flexible, and introduces the concept of anti-talents. Next, it goes into Anti-Talentskinda the reverse of a talent, with penalties to skill and reaction, with a careful justification for the pricing of the talent.

GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents

It then goes into rules about how to potentially use the optional rules to extend the traditional max talent level of 4 to maximally 10 for talents, and strategies for doing so, and advice on where it may or may not be appropriate. Check out the entire Power-Ups series!


Chapter 2 includes some new optional rules for getting more life out of them, and using them in different ways.

If you are brand new to the upw, a less generic toolbox style book might be a little bit more helpful, though at the same time, it has a lot of food for thought for neophyte players as well which I might naively boil down to: The book is mostly guidance for GMs on how to make talents useful for a campaign, and content in the form of several pre-statted talents that players and GMs can peruse for quick, cheap boosts.

Also, it proposes usp entirely new optional rules for Talents, such as: And even in the vanilla form, the talents are often a pretty good deal for character points. In all honesty I don’t think Grps ever had a player take a talent. Preview of the PDF. Surf our site for the files you want.

Let’s GURPS: Review: Power-Ups 3 – Talents

Replace the reaction bonuses granted by Talents with a wide range of other possibilities. I think anyone that likes GURPS can enjoy this book, especially if you enjoy the character creation aspect and get a kick out of building gameplay upss characters while also trying to tell a story.

Let’s take a deeper look then. Price Talents more precisely, whether to curb abuse or to encourage use. Power-Ups 3 – Talents. If you like reading about rules and options, this is a decent book, and it’s not terribly expensive. It offers clarifications on what counts as a unique skill for Talent purposes, how Talents interact with defaults, and how to include combat skills in Talents without breaking the game. Michael Eversberg II August 9, at 5: Benjamin Gauronskas August 9, at 4: It’s ok, friend, daddy’s got guurps.

Posted by Benjamin Gugps at 4: Let’s now take a deeper look at the book.

Gurps Power-ups 2. perks

I like them, mechanically, but for whatever reason the handful of times I’ve actually had people generate GURPS characters, it seems like a trait type that gets a pass. Develop your Talent in play.


Newer Post Older Post Home. That said, how could such a simple idea actually fill out a full supplement? They are also, mechanically speaking, pretty upss to put together with only a paragraphish amount of text needed to adequately describe it in the basic set.

Pull-quotes are fine, but not extraordinary. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Adapt Talents to work as intensive training instead of as natural gifts.

Overall, this chapter was really fun for me because I like just chewing through mechanics and thinking about pros and cons of dialing a little to the left or a little to the right of default, and I like the idea of having high level talents because I like high powered games, and the traditional 4 levels of talent, though nice, feels a bit limited.

Flip Talents on their head for characters who suffer from broad-based incompetence. I refer to this book often even though I generally only use the traditional Talent rules. I bought this on a whim and I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe they are something of a not-so-secret secret for newcomers. Also, it proposes many entirely new optional rules for Talents, such as:.

BookPower-UpsReview. Crank Talent up to But so many Talents appear in so many GURPS supplements that choosing among them can involve tiresome amounts of page-flipping. Talents solves this problem by collecting all the “official” Talents in one place, noting their point costs, skill lists, and reaction modifiers — and their original sources, for campaigns that use only certain GURPS supplements.