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I bought Voodoo when it first came out a couple years back. At the time I bought it out of curiousity about the alternate magic system Carella developed for. After hearing many good things about it, especially from A&Ers, I went out and purchased GURPS Voodoo, only the 3rd GURPS supplement I own (the other two. GURPS Classic: Voodoo – GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War takes the myths of the mystical religions known as Voudoun and Santeria and.

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The very direct monster-fighting game. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Will 20; Per 22; Speed 9. Cost Incarnation of Ogun: Being incorporeal beings, spirits don’t have to follow human laws of motion, being able to float, move through solid objects that aren’t vodooo, and teleport to either certain places directly tied to them such as a grave or place of death or to someone that is invoking them.

It is here that we get the label “heroic dark fantasy” for the setting, an interesting choice given that this is around the time that the term urban fantasy started getting some real running legs.

From a supernatural point of view, slavery was one of the worst cases of human sacrifice in history, topped only recently by the Holocaust.

The Spirit Warrior becomes both impulsive and overconfident, however. Will 18; Per 17; Speed 8. Meera rated it liked it Mar 07, You could even go as far back as the Pleistocene, where Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon Initiates channeled totem spirits to survive in a harsh world. Note that if a character has some of the advantages and disadvantages involved in the Possession effects, it will change the Spirit Warrior base value. Sean Punch black-and-white pages, softcover.

FATAL & Friends — GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

They literally gueps horny from sensing pain, as well, and the most villainous of their breed take part in snuff films and child pornography. John rated it really liked it Apr 24, Most of this section, however, relates to the Golden Age of Piracy and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade onward.

The vast majority of Spirit Warriors within the Lodges utilize the power of their own genius, grantin them significant boosts of Strength, endurance, and agility. It’s tangled up in that whole very White Wolf-esque concept of monolithic Abrahamic villainy, which both muddles the idea that the Lodges are primarily white supremacists and limits the potential scope of Voodoo’s protagonists. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Hell, maybe even those extra sourcebooks that Carella never got to write might have done a lot of the legwork.


Carella even notes that the whole like-attracts-like rule for Initiation means that a whole adventuring party of Initiates is the most likely scenario to happen. Whatever the truth, it’s an undeniable fact that the Corruptors love it when people are being bad.

Unlike many “dark” RPGs, Voodoo is not about enduring horror, but fighting it. They call themselves the Lodges. Or parts of that timeline, at least, as there are four major beats of this two page long section: Will 21; Per 20; Speed 9. You might chang them around but there a nice start.

While they cannot innately shapeshift like many other In-Betweeners, skin-changers get around the whole “is a horrifying walking beast of revealed muscle and fat” issue by being able to assume the form of someone whose flayed skin they have taken.

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The “I want to directly get into the colonialism-related part of the setting” theme. Unsurprisingly, he took the offer. You know, the ones we went over a fair bit in chapter 1. Originally Posted by Refplace. Will 19; Per 16; Speed Human sacrifice is involved in his magic rituals, and numerous serial killers worship him.

We even get specifically told that DID in abuse victims may actually be a bunch of spirits hanging out in a traumatic spontaneous Initiate, which makes my skin crawl.

They have been the secret protectors of Western civilization for 1, years, and the secret masters of the world for longer than that. Of course if you have more then one it gets a lot more attractive and with enough you then head towards Morph which could be nearly infinite voldoo options. Mbua is the general term in Palo Mayombe for evil spirits.

GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

He’s a powerful warrior who has dominion over fire, smithing, metal, technological advancement, and self-powered vehicles. As the Gueps snake people show, however, some can move beyond these urges and redeem themselves. Pacts with the Devil: An alternative Path system was also introduced in the same title, referred to as Book Magic due to each Path being related to a specific magical grimoire. And thus the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was born.


Therefore, one can find Initiates in the membership of secret societies or Voodoo temples vodooo and also in insane asylums, concentration camps and other hellholes. Mere uninitiated humans have to make a Will roll at -5 to even think about hurting the Initiate, and even if they succeed only critical hits do damage.

GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War by C.J. Carella

Temples and sacred sites that have had magical rituals conducted in them continuously for twenty years or more have become consecrated; if you aren’t in one of these places, you either eat the penalty or take a few minutes to temporarily consecrate your location by placing candles, symbols, and arcane etchings around you. Edward Johnson rated it really liked it May 20, There are also negative modifiers for the more people vvoodoo ritual is meant to target and positive ones for multiple individuals working toward the same ritual, but ultimately those are less interesting topics for a review and will only get this sentence.

As above, but with ghosts. There are no discussion topics on this book voodko. John rated it liked it Jul 26, I wonder how real some of the things he mentioned in the book actually is. If this all sounds vaguely familiar, that may be because “the Haitian rebels made a pact with the Devil” is literally a claim made by several evangelical Christians such as Pat Robertson and Lowell Ponte.

Some resent Baron Samedi, however, for the fact that his image was used by Papa Doc Duvalier and his cronies. Will 17; Per 16; Speed 8. Some occultists believe the Mayombe enjoyed the bitter irony of this — using slave labor to produce substances that would in turn enslave those who used them.