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Iman Barbaad karne wali kitab by mohammad8hussaini-1 in hussaini misbahi. Hifzul Iman by Ashraf Ali – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Home ยท Documents; Hifzul Iman by Ashraf Ali Thanvi. DIGITIZATION: QASID KI TAB DESCRIPTION. Iman Barbaad karne wali kitab. Transcript.

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In sum, these words carried apparent insolence and offence hence ashrav utter such words will be kufr:. This is such an oman statement that no Muslim would like to read this statement, forget about talking about those people who have this belief or those who try to justify this.

He translated it word by hifzu, into Arabic and presented it to the scholars of Makkah and Medina. However, since it carried implications of offending and disregard of honour and respect the ruling was thus given:.

The blasmphemous comment was used to ashdaf our beloved prophet sal allahu alaihi wa sallam. The actual paragraph is this:. Hazrat Shah Abul Khair Dihlawi found it utterly displeasing and said: The other side of story: That text is not from the heavens, nor is it inspiration, like the sort whose beauty and respect has to be preserved by keeping every single word.

Al-Muhannad Page 28, by ulama of Deoband.

Hifzul Iman By Ashraf Ali Thanvi

In sum, these words carried apparent insolence and offence hence to utter such words will be kufr:. At the gathering, the Imxn expressed their views on the paragraph in Hifzul Iman.


Click Here to read Large Scan Quote: He made changes when Muslim population read this and started abusing him! Defending Hifz al-Iman against the Lies of the Innovators. Read the Original Large Scans: If any one says Hizful Ahmed Raza Khan rh made interpretaion he should bring evidence in support of such a claim.

HIFZUL IMAN OF ASHRAF ALI STD : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

What do you wish for? That is false as it is, but then to write that this sort of knowledge is also possessed by the various creatures he mentioned, is extreme desrespect against our Master sal Allahu alayhi wasallam.

For this ugly statement in which Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi has compared the prophetic knowledge of the unseen with the knowledge possessed by infants, lunatics,sundry,animals and quadrapeds four legged animals. We have seen in my earlier post that many notable scholars who had no affliation with Imam Ahmed Raza khan rh said that these wordings of Mawlana Ashraf ali thanvee was indeed Kufr. The blasphemous comment was used to degrade our beloved Prophet sal allahu alaihi wa sallam Best of Creation.

Since he had great affection for my grandfather he invited him too. The Deobandi author in an attempt to justify this writing says that. There is no more beating around the bush, when I hifaul brought the explanations by deobandi akabirs who knew what Mawlana Thanvi wrote and meant!.


It is clear like sun shining in the sky. In sum, these words carried apparent insolence and offence hence to utter such words will be kufr:.

Hifzul Iman by Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Click Here to read Large Scan. Why did you oppose this? To refute this confusion we need to know ashgaf basic facts: The verdict of polytheism is passed on the basis of things, which are obvious, not wilful, or intended or deduced. The Deobandi author says that to make the meaning clear Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee made changes in the text!

The actual paragraph is this: So who is right? It is matter of choice upon deobandis that whose fatwa of kufr they want to accept? Yhanvi Here to read Large Scan Quote: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Why did you oppose this? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hazrat Shah Abul Khair Dihlawi found it hiffzul displeasing and said: Who on this earth needs any interpretation of this statement?