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English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘hiperdinamia uterina’. NOMBRE: FLOR SUSANA TENENUELA CEPEDA PREGUNTAS DE HIPODINAMIAS ¿DESCRIBA LAS CARACTERISTICA DE LA CONTRACCION UTERINA?. Hipodinamia Uterina Terminado. Uploaded by. LizsavelSV · RCP PEDIATRICO. Uploaded by. LizsavelSV · Manejo Activo de Trabajo de Parto. Uploaded by.

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A parturient buffalo with proper vulvar relaxation is shown on the right side. A note on the neoplasms of the female genital hipodina,ia of buffaloes.

Inducción de parto

Moreover, the pendulous abdomen of the Indian buffalo warrants greater pressure for the fixation of the pregnant uterus. Vaginal cyst has been recorded in buffalo [41].

Torsion of uterus as a cause of dystocia in the buffalo. Intestinal obstruction in association with torsion of uterus in a buffalo. Vicious animals must be given a sedative.

Meaning of “hipersistolia” in the Portuguese dictionary

Foud K, El-Sawaf S. Small tears are insignificant and the fetus may be delivered without much difficulty. Perspectives of fetal dystocia in cattle and buffaloes. Likewise, injections of oxytocin IU, IV or IM can be given to promote uterine contractions to effect cervical dilation when the cervix is partially dilated.


Thrice hourly massage hkpodinamia min each with 1 liter of sodium carboxymethylcellulose has been suggested [54] to achieve sufficient cervical dilation for fetal delivery.

Punjab Vet ; 9: On the etiology of diaphragmatic hernia in buffaloes Bubalus bubalis. Fetuses are delivered h later in such cases.

J Assisted Reprod Genetics ; In buffaloes, however, cervical non-dilation is rare. Pathological abnormalities affecting buffalo cows reproductive utreina in Mosul.

Thrice hourly massage 15 min each with 1 liter of sodium carboxymethylcellulose has been suggested [54] to achieve sufficient cervical dilation for fetal delivery when the cervix does not dilate after uterine uterija correction.

Gupta PP, Kumar N. Carcinoma of the cervix has been recorded in the buffalo [15,16].

Rao KB, Veeraiah G. Indian Vet J Ramasamy M, Singh M. Plasma cholesterol and haemogram in buffaloes affected with uterine torsion. Effects of dexamethasone administration on cortisol concentration and biochemical profile in buffaloes suffering from dystocia.

DISTOCIA DE LA DINAMICA UTERINA by Jazmin Maria Milagros Quispe Torres on Prezi

In buffaloes, detorsion followed by vaginal delivery is easily accomplished when torsion is 3 rolls had a lower survival rate when compared to those animals where rolling was well planned [].

Success rate is high if the dam is standing, hipodibamia cervix is sufficiently dilated to grasp the fetus and the fetus is alive. These alterations have been proposed to be used hioodinamia prognostic indicators for uterine torsion [75,95,99]. Fetal parts may get stuck in a ruptured vagina and result in dystocia [26], or the gravid horn may sometimes prolapse through the vaginal rupture [27].


A retrospective study on survivability and fertility following cesarean section in bovines. Factors affecting parturition in buffaloes. The process of birth begins but does not continue into the second stage of labor. Profiles of some plasma biochemical constituents associated with uterine torsion and following its correction by laprohysterotomy in buffaloes.

Unrelieved uterine torsion can also culminate in ring womb []. To view click on figureManagement of DystociaAttempts can be made to dilate the cervix manually if possible using sponge tents and local anesthetics [2], but because the cervix has many annular rings it is often not possible to dilate the bubaline hipodijamia manually.