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Altair provides comprehensive software support via web FAQs, tutorials, training OS. Version. Architecture. GUI Products. Solvers. Windows. 7//10 x86_ 10 HMD Introduction HyperWorks Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering, Inc Chapter 1: Basics HyperMesh Desktop Changing the Start-in Directory. while OK changes the representation of your scene and closes the Customize View Detail window. Wireframe resolution: 4. Wireframe resolution:

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The input surfaces will not extend beyond the specified max extension distance, nor will any of their edges extend if there are no other surfaces within the max distance.

This work features simulations of the DrivAer model, a generic, publicly available vehicle geometry that was developed by the Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics at the Technical University of Munich and which is widely used for testing and validation purposes. Plate Edit… Use the Plate Edit panel to manually edit a plate when the automatic detection of plates is not correct.

Note the locations where there are closed loops of free edges. HyperWorks Brochure Learn More. Only those parts of a component which are essential for the required flux of force and necessary stability are generated. If the checkbox is on and the selected surfaces extend through their target surfaces, or even merely to the interior without actually touching any of the target surface edges, the surfaces will be both trimmed and stitched at the intersection regardless of whether or not they belong to the same component.


HyperWorks Brochure Altair HyperWorks is the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative products. Under mesh method, set the last option to free unmapped. You may also enter a value by which to offset the IDs of entities. Access the Automesh panel in one of the following ways: The red side of the elements is the positive normal direction, tktorial the blue side is hypsrworks negative normal direction.

Turning the mesh visualization off shows the hyperwogks edge lines and reveals that there are many features within the model that interfere with mesh quality. Use setting as you can see in the picture above and pick the surfaces shown by the arrow picture below. Select reject and return.

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Solve the shell element connectivity issues using the Edges panel. The benefits included reduced material usage, reduced manufacturing and transportation costs and improved competitiveness for Thesan.

HyperMesh populates the Model browser with plates that were detected by the tool. Display of the topology can be controlled with the Geometry Color Mode icon included in the HyperMesh Visualization toolbar. This has broadened its use and accuracy many fold.

  ISO 27955 PDF

In the the 2D AutoMesh panel select the edge deviation subpanel. Click delete to remove any duplicate surfaces. Delete a component HyperWorks Collectors can be created in a number of ways.

You should still be in the Quick Edit panel. Download ElectroFlo Brochure Share: SimLab automates simulation-modeling tasks to reduce human errors hyperworka time spent manually creating finite element models and interpreting results.

Click mesh to mesh the surfaces. Below are examples of how edge topology affects the resultant mesh. The element normals are displayed using colors. A new component will be created called Tutoriial Surfaces and the new mid plane surfaces will be placed in it. All methods are valid in certain situations. For by thickness multiplier, type in the multiple of the surfaces’ assigned thickness that yields the maximum distance you wish the surfaces to extend.

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Select the quick edit sub-panel Click the Add To Panel Collector icon. View Control View control is accomplished through the use of the Standard Views toolbar icons, and 3D View Controls toolbar, and the tutoriaal.

HyperMesh allows easy visualization of surface connectivity through the use of an edge color scheme shown below: