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T HE INDICA OF Megasthenes is justly famous.1 It contained the first eyewitness B.C. Arrian (Ind. ) states that Megasthenes went further than Alexander. – Buy Indica book online at best prices in India on Indica (Greek) Paperback – 21 Jan by Megasthenes (Creator), E a. Megasthenes’ book Indica records the way of life followed in India during BC. This book describes 7 classifications of work rather than the.

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Sick foreigners are attended by physicians and taken care of. Amna Shaikh marked it as to-read Dec 05, The foreigners are treated well. BosworthDiodorus obtained this information from Hieronymus of Cardia: The original book is now lost, but its fragments have survived in later Greek and Latin works.

McCrindle believed that Diodorus’ source for this description was the now-lost book of Megasthenes. Indus also runs from north to south, and has several navigable tributaries. Vadla Sateesh marked it as to-read Aug 16, The foreigners are treated well. Preview — Indica by Megasthenes. The Indians who inhabit the hill country also claim that Herakles was one of them. India has no foreign megasrhenes, and Indians have not established any colonies outside India.

He founded several large cities, introduced laws and established courts.


According to the native philosophers and natural scientists, the reason for this is that the bordering countries are more elevated than India, so their waters run down to India, resulting in such a large number of rivers.

He described India in his book Indikawhich is now lostbut has been partially reconstructed from the writings of the later authors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The first century Greek writer Strabo called both Megasthenes and his succeeding ambassador Deimachus liars, and stated that “no faith whatever” could be placed in their writings.

This is a reproduction of a book published before Rajan Kumar marked it as to-read Jun 21, Ashutosh marked it as to-read Mar 26, MegasthenesE. The parts that belonged to the original text can be identified from the later works based on similar content, vocabulary and phrasing, even when the content has not been explicitly attributed to Megasthenes. The India They Saw Vol Yasheen Ali rated it liked it Oct 27, A History of India.

The elephants are domesticated in large numbers, and trained for war. The law treats everyone equally, but allows the property to be unevenly distributed.

Diodorus described Ganges as 30 stadia wide; it is well-attested by other sources that Megasthenes described the median or minimum width of Ganges megadthenes stadia. A law, prescribed by ancient Indian philosophers, bans slavery.

Indica (Megasthenes) – Wikipedia

Megasthenes states that there were no slaves in India, but the Arthashastra attests to the existence of slavery in contemporary India; [28] Strabo also counters Megasthenes’s claim based on a report from Onesicritus. The population of India is divided into 7 endogamous and hereditary castes: We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into pri This is a reproduction of a book published before His descendants ruled India for several generations, but never launched an expedition beyond India.

Retrieved from ” https: Fragments of Abydenus ‘s writings in Praeparatio evangelica. Indus also runs from north to south, and has several navigable tributaries. They are well-skilled in art. However, according to A.


Indica (Megasthenes)

However, Diodorus does not mention Megasthenes even once, unlike Strabo, who explicitly mentions Megasthenes as one of his sources.

India is a quadrilateral-shaped country, bounded by the ocean on the southern and the eastern side. Many megasthrnes into Gangeswhich is 30 stadia wide at its source, and runs from north to south.

This representation of India as an isolated, invincible country is an attempt to vindicate Seleucus’ peace treaty with the Indian emperor. Deimachus as ambassador to Bindusaraand Indifaas ambassador to Ashoka. He had several sons and one daughter, who became rulers in different parts of his dominion. They are well-skilled in art. Joy Bhadra rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Infica, according to A.

There are accounts of Megasthenes having visited Maduraiin Tamil Nadu [8] [9]but he appears not to have visited any other parts of India. A survey in Philosophical Understanding. Because of its large size, India is inhabited by many diverse races, all of which are indigenous.

This, according to Kosmin, is because now India is shown as unconquerable. The most notable tributaries are Hupanis, the Hudaspesand the Akesines. Want mfgasthenes Read Currently Reading Read. India has several mountains with fruit trees of every kind.

Foreigners who die in India are buried, and their property is delivered to their relatives.