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Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe. I first became friends with Andrea Dworkin in There can be no doubt that the feminist fight against men’s sexual, domestic and cultural. INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition .

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Which is a frightening aspect. It is sold to us as a product and the lives of the women are not intricately viewed as being an actress playing apart.

Her description of the way of things, when not intensely graphic, is so sarcastic as to convolute her disagreement with that of the way of things, further convoluted by the referential treatment she makes for using others’ works to make her unapparant point andra than using her own critical voice and observations. Isis Resource Center lntercourse one of the largest feminist collections of materials in the Global South.

Intercourse evokes strong emotions in its readers with its choice of words, its imagery, and its controversial content. Amazingly, men are not possessed even if they are literally enveloped by women during the sexual act. There was no compromise with Andrea, but she would never refuse to debate a point with inntercourse, so long as they were on the side of social justice.


Laws have regulated it and thus society has intercoudse in ensuring its power to continue to possess women.

What Andrea Dworkin, the feminist I knew, can teach young women

It’s fun to be shocked by inanity and dissect it with someone who sees the world the same way I do. I devoured it, gasping in wonder at the beautiful prose, and the brilliance of its reasoning. Sexual intercourse is likened to being “Skinless” where men and women merge and lose boundaries to become one flesh- male flesh.

Feb 28, Ben rated it it was amazing.

Intercourse (book) – Wikipedia

I highly recommend this book if you are interested in seriously challenging the domination-submission dynamic and entrenched inequalities between male and female, and more to the point, in understanding what and why. Liberals refuse categorically to inquire into even a possibility that there is a relationship between intercourse per se and the low status of women But apart from the subject matter, which I think I might stay away from, what a strange, rambling book this is! Unlike Millett’s “Sexual Politics”, “Intercourse” is a bitter realisation that we women would never possess an equal status with men in regard to our sexual activities.

Women have been constructed by this type of sexuality. I thought Intercourse would enable me to deepen these reflexions.

Men punish themselves for feeling what they do and punish women for making them feel that way. In short, this book will blow your mind. When women are not only expected to be the bearers of life.

Someone that has needs, tha Some would have you believe that Dworkin’s book was all about the one quote she wrote “all rape is sex. But to me, her finest and most radical work was the book Andrea wrote aged just 27, Woman Hating Intercourse is a book by Andrea Dworkinin which the author offers a radical feminist analysis andera sexual intercourse in literature and society.


The writing started out neat and tidy, but by the end was almost unreadable. Dworkin refuses to write from the feminine posture of one knee bent in deference to the powers that be. In many ways, despite the several knocks she took, Andrea was the most optimistic feminist I ever met.

Andrea Dworkin

These narratives, intetcourse by dominant whites, portray all women, but particularly women of colour as inherently degraded and therefore rapable: On the writing, Dworkin uses literature and historical context to provide an absolutely mesmerizing read. What she is arguing is that in our present society, the notion of heterosexual intercourse Yes, I’m a heterosexual man who read Andrea Dworkin, and I not only survived, but I also actually enjoyed it.

She seems to imply, in multiple sections in this book, that the sexually violent behaviour of adult women toward non-adult males is a result of the sexually violent behaviour of adult males. She took tiny nuggets of truth and wrapped them in layers of bullshit to justify her ignorant assertions. In this struggle, the power of language can only be potent in changing the status of women if its context is changed. And if the book still sucks, at least then you’ll know you were actually right.