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Introduction to E-Stim: Electrosex! Adult | Episode aired 2 July · Previous · All Episodes () · Next · Add a Plot». Stars: Fivestar, Ingrid Mouth · Edit. Cast. Learn the shocking and empowering secrets behind Electrostimulation (E-Stim) play, including electrified skin pads and insertable toys like. An introduction to how to present estim to your female partner. Personally, I think it is even easier for women to try electro sex than it is for men. The problem .

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I view addiction from a broad psychological tendency more than a specific substance or practice. You know the sensitive areas like the genitals, breasts, and everything else in the erogenous zones. If the order confirmation page appeared after your payment and you received an order confirmation email from us then your payment has gone through. You connect the leads, insert the plug, tie the straps to hold it in place, plug the leads into the Box, and let the fun begin!!

If your order is rejected for any reason you will be given a full refund for any amount paid for the order. The early battery belts were marketed as a cure-all for a nearly endless list of ailments.

We accept Visa and MasterCard. I spotted electricity everywhere: When we held the 9V to our tongue, about mA was flowing between the terminals. If your parcel has not arrived in the specified delivery time please contact customer service at info meandmrsjones. Buy one of the DVD’s showcasing P. Email Please enter an valid user name. Email addresses don’t match. Since then, a few refinements have been made to these early battery belts, which were nothing more than a direct current source a battery connected to several electrodes contact points with the body allowing current to flow.

If you have received a faulty upon arrival item from Our Essentials lubes, massage products, body paints, cleaning and grooming products, condoms, sex toy cleaners or sexual aides please email us at info meandmrsjones. Basically, it makes the entire genital region tingle!

To update any of your personal details, please log into your account. E-mail Please inform a valid email. Once we have verified that the product is indeed faulty, you will be shipped a replacement.


We never permanently store complete Credit Card details. This was over years ago when electricity had just been harnessed, so to speak, and the new age of electric lighting, motors and generators would soon power the 20 th century. Jones only accepts your offer, and concludes the contract of sale for the product s ordered by you, when we dispatch the product s and send an email confirming that the product s have been dispatched to you.

This email confirmation does not constitute an acceptance of the order or an offer to sell products. Has she ever had an extremely negative experience with electricity? That will lead to a punch in the jaw.

Probably the most straightforward introduction would be showing her the website or perhaps the trifold brochure we print as an Electro Sex intro.

Now, keeping the above in mind, some ways to introduce the topic of Estim to your boudoir play are as follows: The next chapters take us deeper down into the world of Electro-Sex.

And why should you? A lot of times if someone has suffered any sort of severe shock, they may not be able to wrap their minds around the concept of electrical impulses being used for sexual pleasure. Your parcels will not include any references to adult products and will be discreetly packaged to ensure your privacy. Your contact information is used for order processing and for delivery of purchases.

Please enter an valid user name. If we have trouble processing an order, we will use this information to contact you. This policy was last updated on This policy sets out: If we cancel your order for any electrpsex you will be given a full refund for any amount paid for the order.

ErosTek Introduction to Erotic ElectroStimulation or E-Stim

Payment Security The security of your personal inntroduction is important to us. You will be responsible for the return shipping of your parcel and you will introduchion charged for the replacement shipping.

How do I update my account details? Jones without any liability to you if any of the products in your order are unavailable, or there were any errors in price or product introdiction on the Website at the time of placing your order, or due to technical errors in processing your order. Mystima brand we carry that produces e-stim devices, says that setting a frequency of 80 Hertz or more will feel like a tickling or vibrating sensation and a lower frequency of 10 Hertoz or less will allow the user to feel the individual impulses on the skin.


We will replace any faulty item within 14 days of the receipt date. I was advised to start with the Vaginal Plug.

E-Stim Intro

What payment methods do you accept? The Relax-a-cisor produced a pleasurable electronic vibration through the application of several conductive rubber pads placed on various parts of the body. At first, it feels a little weird. Keep an eye on what type of electroplay. It took me about three months to be willing to even try it.

Introduction to Electrosex Electrosluts 2012 Hydii May Lesbian Anal, Slave

The one thing that can ruin an initial experience introvuction the Vaginal Plug is if you don’t have it anchored in place with its included straps or at least held in place. Vibrators consist of a motorized counterweight that produce a mechanical vibration that you can both hear and feel.

Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. When used as suggested, electro-stim is safer than many other forms of erotic play. It is phallic shaped, the conductive surface on it runs from base to tip, and when in use, feels like a penis or dildo moving in and out of the vagina.

Watch this informative video from Mystim. So why not stay a while and browse all of our intrdouction assortment of sensual products in our adult boutique.

However, if you feel introuction though you have received an item that is faulty, we will be happy to have the product replaced free of charge.