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Our goal in the preparation of this Black Book was to create high-value, high- quality content. . Ixia’s Black Book website at . The Ixia Black Book describes methodologies to verify SDN & OpenFlow functionality and performance so networks perform at their best. At Ixia, we know that the networking industry is constantly moving; we aim to be your technology partner through these ebbs and flows. We hope this Black Book .

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This test determines the security effectiveness of a Networkbased Intrusion Prevention System against published vulnerabilities targeting both client and server applications.

Set Throughput Stat Units to Mbps e. Network elements, such as routers and home gateways, come with a default administrator password, passwords that often never change. Beyond this point, all parts of the messages exchanged between the peers are encrypted and authenticated, except for the headers.

Step-by-Step Instructions This section provides step by step instructions to execute this test. Stop the iterative process when the DUT application forwarding performance drops below an acceptable level.

Leave the others options to their default values unless changes are necessary. In this scenario, an IPsec gateway DUT at a corporate location communicates with other IPsec blacckbook located in remote offices and with roaming users.

Encryption Algorithm The encryption algorithm used to encrypt the data stream xiia the gateways during IPsec communications. There are two options for traffic generation, stateless UDP streams with customizable content size and rate, and HTTP traffic for specific page files.

According to Sophos5, inan arrested group of Russian cyber-criminals made USD 4 million from blackmailing online gambling and casino Web sites. Add the client NetTraffic object. By exploiting the vulnerability, the attacker can execute the code remotely on the victim’s computer.

Ixia Black Book: Network Security

Depending on the DUT capabilities these values should be adjusted. Objective Determine the impact of network-based attacks on the performance of an application-aware device while processing and forwarding legitimate traffic. We recommend a layer 2 switch that has a high-performance backplane. The original packet is encapsulated into a new packet that includes a new header and AH or ESP headers, as shown in Figure Firewalls and DPI systems support advanced capabilities to protect it and the active user sessions from attacks.


Evasion techniques provide simple mechanisms to transmit the same attack s in camouflaged ixiz to bypass the detection of security products. The responder tries to match this list against its own list of supported techniques.

Configure the [IP] Short Fragments attack by setting the parameters shown below: Such code is often used to steal personal information or to direct the viewer to a different Web site. IPsec hosts If the Automatic configuration mode is selected, the filters will be automatically imported from DoS attack configuration from the client network.

Click the Next button in the wizard to configure the network specific details. The stop criteria for Tunnels Setup Rate can be configured as percentage or total count of tunnels failed.

Set the test objective as Throughput Kbps with a value ofKbps. The Black Books ixla be considered primers on technology and testing. The recipient of an Informational request always sends a response to it; otherwise, the blackbkok would assume that the message was lost and retransmit it. Each DDoS activity includes blackboo, single attack pattern. Online groups often ask for personal information, for example, spouse, children, and pet names. Firewalls are also used to limit the types of services that internal computers may access outside the enterprise.

Add your chassis by clicking Add Chassis. While those methods are well-known and have been studied for years, they continue to remain one of the most effective ways to impact the performance of IP networks or services, or completely restrict access to a network, service, or application for legitimate users.


This will create a basic HTTP configuration for back-2back.

According to the Annual Report from Panda Labs: The following figure shows an example of the binary search algorithm using a resolution of 1 Mbps. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.

The attack vector can be a set of vulnerabilities related to a vendor for example, Microsoft, Apple, Adobeor specific to an application for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

Add the server NetTraffic and configure the total number of servers that will be used. Server machines give the advantage of having better computing resources and their bandwidth is usually higher. You will be prompted to select a predefined list of attacks. The cumulative number of reported Web vulnerabilities is more than 20, They become unwitting tools used by criminals to infect the visitors that trusted those sites to provide a safe Web experience.

Spam messages often use domain names that are very close to those of valid companies, for example, pay-pal.

Registration is required to access this section of the Web site. Spyware Spyware is a type of hidden malware that collects and forwards user and computer information. If frame loss is detected in case of fragmentation, the algorithm stops after the first iteration and reports that the test step failed.

Ixia Black Book: Network Security

Add the third command, IP Short Fragments attack. For example, the Conficker botnet managed to assemble more than 6, computers into the world’s largest computing network. In some test runs, however, you may not see iixia TCP failures or transaction failures during a DoS attack.

Spyware has been known to change computer settings, resulting in slow connection speeds, altered home pages and loss of Internet connectivity, or loss iixia functionality of other programs.