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Kadazandusun Dictionary apps is a new publication that have been created especially for all language enthusiasts all over the world as well for those who love. The first Kadazan Dictionary, “Kadazan-English and English-Kadazan Dictionary” dictionary” () published by the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia: Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Content language: Multiple languages. English. Austronesian languages. Linguistic type.

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This is called “translation memory” and is very useful for translators. Anonymous February 2, at 7: By right, we should all be defending and preserving our own identities and should not be easily influenced by people who may have their own personal agendas to suit their ends.

Clement Jaikul February 9, at Be strong my fellow Kadazan and Dusun, we are all Sabahans and we dkctionary fight for what we have long been deprived of.

Linundus Kinabalu: Beginner’s Kadazandusun Dictionary

You are a true Kadazan. Anonymous February 1, at To the commenter dated February 3, Kadazan kids x minat to learn dis language coz it sounds different from what they learn from their elders.

Anonymous February 11, at 5: Anonymous February 9, at 1: Kotohuadan Zandi Rita, Posting on February 3, 1: Our situation now is just like the “Boiled-frog syndrome”.

I am with you on mantaining the name of the Kadazan and Dusun as a race.

So all in all, the problem was political because I did not found any article on bad blood between the Kadazan and Dusun and others. Whatever you call our community, Kadazan or Dusun, we are one and the same.


English Kadazan Dusun Dictionary online

The agreed-on-name was the closest approach. Regi Puvok February 10, at What I am try to infer is unless we are united and unified in our stand, our greviances cannot be addressed effectively and bring about results. I wouldnt be surprised that one day the PTI will be the Kadazandusun once they have their paperwork sorted out I would like to hear from you.

At a dkctionary when the Natives of Sabah should unite, petty disagreements of this nature is counter productive. Kadazan and Dusun has long architectured by its culture, custom, dialect, discipline, hitory, myth, etc. Other then, why “Kadazandusun”? Hi all you people who are propagating the newly alien race called “Kadazandusun”, please remember kadazandusuun it was purely a political ploy by dcitionary bastards of politicians who have realy shoved up all our arses their imaginary Kadazan and Dusun disunity.

Very Very strange to create a new race. Anonymous February 1, at 8: English – Kadazan Dusun. All you fellas should realise that it is for their political survival that they created a fabel that the Kadazans and Dusuns were at eachother’s throats.

Happy and a blesses sunday.

I’m doing thesis on philosophy and am trying to do research on the kadus wisdom. My only disappointment was that she did not include the two indigenous races of Kadazan and Dusun in her Dictionary, meaning, kadazamdusun two rictionary are not in existence amongst the others in Sabah. A chinese who knows little but who will not call himself a “Hokkien-Cantonese”.


I am now, trying sooo hard to learn my language when i realize that new generation nowadays cannot speaks dusun or kadazan anymore well, maybe they can but only a little bit.

Now I am not certain whether the united anyone?

English-Kadazan Dusun Dictionary, Glosbe

Disimon, I think it is everyone’s right to be called what they want. I was asked whether the name ” Dusun ‘ is to be included in the Dictionary. I kadaznadusun chinese because we have a motherland called “China”.

A dictionary is a book that explains the words of a particular language either in that same language or in another language or a few other languages.

What is a race without its language? Why should we instruct NRD to change our ethnic race? As my parents are ‘Dusun’, I am therefore rightly a ‘Dusun’.

Welcome to the English-Kadazan Dusun dictionary.

Let’s not talk about it. For years now, i have been hearing nothing but arguments or mildly put: On Glosbe you can check not only translations into language English or Kadazan Dusun: He should make more statements to defend the community and make KSS more relevant.