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I defy anybody—Keynesian, Hayekian, or uncommitted—to read [Wapshott’s] work and not learn something new.”—John Cassidy, The New. The confrontation between John Maynard Keynes, and his Austrian born free market adversary and friend, Friedrich August von Hayek, is one. Keynes – Hayek by Nicholas Wapshott – review Maynard Keynes, on the grounds that this was “the clash that defined modern economics”.

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Indeed, Wapshott believes one of the reason Keynes ended the duel with Hayek in the academic journals was because he had bigger fish to fry and yhat dealing with the burden of saving the world from mass unemployment — a task he assigned to himself and truly believed in accomplishing. It may be too even-handed: He met his opposite in a little-known Austrian economics professor, Freidrich Hayek, who considered attempts to intervene both pointless and potentially dangerous.

Nicholas Wapshott explores this fight in a new book.

Keynes – Hayek by Nicholas Wapshott – review

Still, he eventually shot down some of Keynes’ solutions, remarking – as everyone should – that all conservatives turn keysian in a recession. I am not an economist myself, but I’ve been able to read Keynes, Galbraith, Friedman, Marx, Smith, Hume and others with little difficulty. We have a war of ideas: Why did very smart people in government and academia come to think of economic prescriptions, again, a science, as a sports team vs. Because banks base their lending criteria on the ratio of their cash reserves against their money liabilities and have no consideration for the classical equilibrium.

Summarising the difference of opinion between these two great intellectual behemoths is no easy task, and Wapshott does a marvellous job of framing both sides of the debate in a concise, intelligible language that often eludes economists.

Norton Company first published On the left side are followers of John Maynard Keynes, who believe that government actions can and should smooth the destructive swings of business cycles.

Keynes himself sounds like a fascinating and charismatic guy. The battle lines thus drawn, Keynesian economics would dominate for decades and coincide with an era of unprecedented prosperity, but conservative economists and political leaders would eventually embrace and execute Hayek’s contrary vision.

Preview — Keynes Hayek by Nicholas Wapshott. Return to Book Page.

He knew that in Arkansas the state laws made divorce easy — and cheap. Hayek grew up in Austria between the world wars and saw firsthand the effects of the Treaty of Versailles and the rise to power of Hitler. And who knows what the next eocnomics debate will be in the world of economics.


Selected pages Title Page. As others have pointed out, the problem with it, as with economics in general and other fields, toois binary thf. Aug 21, Peter rated it really liked it. Keynes would be King and Hayek unread. His goal was to save capitalism from itself so that it could continue as the best form of economic life. As Hayek, himself acknowledged, his policy prescriptions are not exactly appealing compared with Keynes ambitious and monumental attempts to provide intellectual justification for government intervention jayek the economy.

I have read their work before but moddrn realized how interconnected they really were. In Britain, the Conservatives took control under Margaret Thatcher and opted to defeat the first by allowing the latter keynea rise above 3 million.

Again, the author has done his homework in getting on top of the vast literature about Keynes — some of it of recent vintage. You can’t fight it by arguing against capitalism because it is socialism, and you can’t argue against it by arguing for socialism, again, because it is socialism.

An interesting chronology of the back-and-forth between the two economists and their proteges.

This is a dual intellectual biography that discusses the lives keynds work of Keynes and Hayek and the influence that their work has had and continues to have on economic policy and general policy discussions. Barak Obama even returned to a Keynesian policy with a bungled attempt to restore aggregate demand via public works programmes.

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Keynes Hayek – Description | W. W. Norton & Company Ltd.

They can be considered the friends of Friedrich von Hayek. The later material on macroeconomics was, constrastively, clear enough and the exposition of fiscal and monetary policies in Britain the the USA from the war up until the first Obama term was well handled. Such cross-cutting standards of judgment are still on display today, not least in the United States. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. According to Keynes, the notion that the natural rate of interest is produced by an equilibrium between savings and investment is absurd.

Keynes Hayek

It’s not easy going, rather dense in some sections actually, but Wapshott effectively uses the human dimensions of the story to keep it moving. The enemy of this engrossing and lucid economic history is binary thinking. I think thst was just enough economic terminology you may want to have a little background before reading the book, but then again I am not sure why you would want to read this book if you do not know the academic hxyek of Keynes and Hayek in the book, and a perfect combination of such terminology with historical and biographical information.


Wapshott gave the “what” but not the “why” or “how.

Keynes – Hayek by Nicholas Wapshott – review | Books | The Guardian

For these are not dead and dusty debates among professional economists but ongoing skirmishes in an ideological struggle that started in the s — an 80 years’ war with no final victory yet in sight. The last few chapters seem a little episodic with tidbits about Kennedy acting as a supply-sider and aside from his conservative talk Reagen is revealed to be dffined a Keynesian when you factor in the huge unfunded defense spending spree. To ask other readers questions about Keynes Hayekplease sign up.

Almost nothing is discovered since nothing original is claimed. I would recommend it, despite its obvious shortcomings most notably its unscholarly tone and its unabashed America-centrismas a pretty good journalistic, chronologically narrated summary of the basic elements of “John Maynard”‘s and “Friedrich”‘s contributions to economics defoned and even more of their influence on the American and British political debate, on which this book largely focuses.

Well worth the effort expended in getting through it. Non a caso l’ultimo capitolo si chiude citando il suo allievo Galbraith Di parte ma non per questo inutile.

You get enough to get a feel of the economics and I’m cool with that, especially since I think I end up with more knowledge of what is involved than most people who throw their names around. This war would play out through much of the Twentieth Century and to our time, as we experienced the Great Recession like a previous generation experienced the Great Depression. It borrows sound-bites and quotations from a Reader’s Digest version of modren. The political uses of these ideas will make your head spin, but this is a persuasive demonstration that politicians, at least with respect to economic theory, use ideas to support the use of their power regardless of whether they understand or agree with them.